6 Things to Look Forward to on Younger Season 2

6 things to look forward to on Younger Season 2

Things to look forward to on Younger Season 2

2016 marks the beginning of many new things: fashion trends, fashion week, awards season and, of course, Season 2 of our new favourite show Younger. In case you aren’t in the know, Younger premiered last year on TVLand (yes, the network doesn’t just air your favourite reruns anymore!)

On Younger, Broadway vet Sutton Foster plays Liza, a newly messily divorced 40-year-old mom who finds herself returning to publishing with her teenage daughter away in India. She gets a very cool job opportunity in publishing, but it’s based on the notion that everyone (including her boss and coworker/new bestie played by Hilary Duff) thinks she is 26. Yes, it sounds a little far fetched but with Foster’s youthful looks, some really well done highlights (not to mention a killer wardrobe by Patricia Field) and learning some millennial jargon, what could possibly go wrong? Well, almost everything especially when you add lying to your new adorable ridiculously hot 25-year-old boyfriend (played by yummy Nico Tortorella) as well.

But she did manage to pull it off for most of the season until she was recognised by former colleague who then tried to blackmail her (you know, that old song.) She came clean to Josh (Tortorella) and after some serious brooding they decided to give their now fall summer (Fall/Spring? Fall/Flag Day romance?) a try. Because again, what could go wrong? Well, a lot now that Eliza is continuing her lie at work, but now has to deal with the return of her teenage daughter as well as a serious flirtation with her very age appropriate and also newly divorced boss’s boss (played by the very distinguished and handsome Peter Hermann). “As we’re hewing in to season 2, Liza is still being able to pull of this lie,” Foster says in a new trailer for season 2. “As her relationships with all the different characters grow and become more and more real, it makes it even harder for her to keep going… The reasons why she needs to keep going are growing stronger as well, so it sort of validates her choices.” 

What we look forward to on Younger Season 2

According to Deadline, “Younger” has not been a breakout in the traditional ratings sense, debuting with 0.17 adults 18-49 and 504,000 viewers but 20 million people across multiple networks and multiple platforms, including TV Land, Nick at Nite, Hulu, VOD and TVLand.com. Plus, critics adore it.

Whether you were a die hard fan last season or are jumping in for the first time, here are seven things you can look forward to on Season 2 of Younger.

1. Sutton Foster

Let’s face it. Foster is one of the most charming actresses working in television today. It was a major disappointment when the slightly misguided but utterly enjoyable Bunheads was cancelled way too soon, but with Younger we get our weekly dose of the delightful lady.

2. The Clothes

Patricia Field is custom design royalty and just like Sex & the City, Hope & Faith, Cashmere Mafia and Ugly Betty before it, Younger is a work of art. We’re not sure Liza could get away with all of her outfits at a publishing house, but a girl can dream. “My job is to work with the actor closely, understand their comfort zones and their ideas, and of course their physical body. And then you find the parallel lines between the actor, who is a real person, and the character, who is fictional,” Field told Yahoo. “If the casting is good, you will find those parallel lines.” What Sex & the City did for New York women’s style, Younger could do for workplace fashion.

3. The Men

Nico Tortorella? Yes, please. Peter Hermann? Umm yes, And though Dan Amboyer’s character (Thad, Kelsey’s boyfriend) was less than appealing last season, we have a feeling we’re gonna enjoy him a while lot more this time around.

4. Matthew Morrison

Speaking of men, everyone’s favourite teacher from Glee while show up on Season 2 of Younger. We aren’t sure what his role will be yet but it looks like he may turn Eliza’s love triangle into a square.

5. Women at Work

Younger has already covered a lot of issues surrounding women in the workplace. Last season dealt a lot with ageism (in both directions) but it looks like it will go even more in-depth this season with imposter syndrome and moving up the career ladder.

6. The Supporting Players

Foster is excellent and Duff is cute but it is really Miriam Shor as Diana Trout, Molly Bernard as Lauren and Debi Mazar as Maggie that really give us the laughs.

Watch the trailer for Younger Season 2 below:

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