Five Flight Attendant Uniforms that Make a Fashion Statement

Five flight attendant uniforms that make a fashion statement

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Even when you’re looking for cheap flights, your safety and comfort are still going to be big concerns both for you and your chosen airline. But with air travel getting safer every day, many airlines are now looking into other ways of standing out from the crowd and ensuring their customers are comfortable. Many of them want to offer their passengers both a great flight experience and the best value for money.

The training and presentation of the crew is a big part of your in-flight experience. Problem-solving abilities, a dignified posture, and a refined look are all important factors considered by many airlines when employing cabin crew. After a successful recruitment phase, each flight attendant of course has to undergo extensive safety training so that they act the part, but they’ll also be expected to look the part too.

The importance of a flight attendant’s uniform should not be underestimated. A good custom branded uniform can help distinguish an airline from its competitors, which is why some airlines are working with the world’s leading stylists to design theirs. We’ve taken a closer look at five designs that truly make a fashion statement!

1. Aeroflot: professional in bold colours

The uniform of Russian airline Aeroflot has previously been voted the world’s most stylish flight attendant outfit. The fashionable neckties, the tipped hats, the elegant white gloves, and the bold red colour make this a uniform that stands out like no other. The look is completed with matching red pumps. According to the official Aeroflot website, the uniforms were designed in Russia by Julia Bunakova and Evgeny Khokhlov.

2. Emirates: stylish sophistication

Emirates is an airline known for luxury and elegance, which is reflected in its flight attendants’ uniforms. Men wear an elegant pinstripe suit while women don a sophisticated mushroom-coloured suit with red pinstripes. The trademark is the headpiece, which consists of a red hat and draped white scarf. British manufacturer Simon Jersey designed the beautiful uniforms for Emirates.

3. Air France: haute couture in the cabin

Air France is famous for working closely with leading designers to ensure that its cabin crews are among the most stylish in the world. In the past, the airline has worked with names like Balenciaga and Dior! The airline’s current uniforms were created by designer Christian Lacroix. CNTraveller describes the outfits as having a Chinese-style upward collar, with flashes of red in the form of gloves or a waist belt. ‘Lacroix’s signature use of print and lace is evident in the detail of the outdoor wear such as coats and jackets where the fabric lining features the airline’s winged seahorse symbol coupled with the company’s logo’.

4. Etihad: a new age of glamour above the clouds

Etihad’s uniforms combine classic elegance, a fitted style, and comfort all in one stunning outfit. The uniform was designed by Italian Haute Couturier Ettore Bilotta at his atelier in Milan. An elegant burgundy tweed is accentuated with highlights of royal purple. Etihad explains: ‘it cleverly merges dramatic elements of old world Haute Couture from 1960s Paris and Rome, with the more contemporary fashions evident on the runways of London, New York, Milan and Tokyo’.

5. Virgin Atlantic: regal red

Vivienne Westwood is the designer behind the latest Virgin Atlantic cabin crew uniforms, and has worked with asymmetric angles and daring accents such as Victorian collars and a double-breasted coat. The men wear a three-piece suit made from sumptuous burgundy wool. It’s classically elegant but still incorporates the hint of cheeky playfulness for which Westwood is so famous.

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