What Does Your Cup of Joe Say About You?

What does your cup of joe say about you?

What does your choice of coffee say about you

You see a woman drinking coffee and you instantly know a few fundamental things about her. She’s either so driven that she’s constantly craving caffeine on the go, or she’s so busy that a quiet coffee break is her one precious moment of heavenly respite. She’s likely both.

Ever on a mission to make sure career women make the most of their well-earned coffee breaks, we’ve put together a coffee drinking guide for every personality. So pop to the local café, get out your coffee machine, or dust off the cafetiere because it’s time to find out what your cup of Joe says about you.

Early birds

No matter how long the day is going to be, early birds will always make a point of waking up with plenty of time to really indulge in their morning coffee. Unfold your newspaper, turn on the radio and savour the full aroma of freshly brewed Carte Noir Petit Dejeuner to really awaken your senses and kick start the day. Drinking from your handmade In Love Muggsie will sum up how passionate you feel about your coffee: ‘Today I feel…in love. Oh my…’

The on-the-go fashionista

As an on-the-go fashionista you’re never actually seen in the coffee shop. You’re always out and about, phone in one hand checking trends on Pinterest, Frappuccino in the other. Of course, you’ll own to go cups in a variety of colours so that it always matches the day’s outfit.

The adventurous woman

Recently back from your travels, set your wild leopard print mug down on a map coaster, personalised to remind you of the part of the world you’ve just been exploring. On returning from South America, transport your senses back with Kenco Pure Colombian, a fruity blend made with Arabica beans. Having fallen in love with India, indulge in a Twinings Chai latte, a tea specialty combining frothy milk with exotic spices.

The busy city girl

You’re an intelligent multi-tasker, so it’s vital that you have your strong double shot espresso waiting for you on a city skyline coaster when you reach the office. Rich in fruity notes and topped by a thick crèma layer, Jacob’s German espresso is perfect for when you need all the energy you can muster.

The free spirit

A free spirit, you love the great outdoors. Battered by the autumn winds, set candles burning when you get home and warm up with a caramel latte macchiato. Take inspiration from nature with a floral stencil pattern atop the creamy caramel froth, and sit your latte glass on a leaf coaster.

The socialite

If you love nothing more than having the girls over for Saturday brunch, you’ve got to make sure you’re prepared for all their varying tastes. With a Tassimo Fidela they’re all free to have whatever their heart desires. However they like their coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate, everyone’s favourite will be perfectly served every time, thanks to IntellibrewTM technology, and the adjustable, removable cup stand.

The dedicated coffee shop customer

The coffee shop is your second home. The baristas have your order ready before you’ve even had time to wave your friendly morning hello. For the days when you’re not heading past your local, you can still enjoy the authentic taste of branded coffee from home with a Costa cappuccino. If you’re more of a Starbucks girl, invest in a classic Starbucks mug. You know the one – the unmistakable white ceramic mug with a glossy red interior and green and white Siren logo!

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