How to Throw a Vegas Themed 21st Birthday Party

How to throw a Vegas themed 21st birthday party

Here in the UK there are a couple of landmark ages that growing up we can’t wait to hit! At 15 we can finally watch films other than those rated U or 12. At 17 we can get behind the wheel of a car. At 18 we can vote in elections, and at 21 we’re allowed to jet off to the other side of the world to celebrate in style at Bellagio and Wet Republic. Well, in theory we are anyway!

Having spent our teenage years excitedly making plans with our girlfriends – ‘girls, the moment we’re all 21 we definitely have to go to Vegas!’ – by the time we reach that golden age real life has unfortunately taken over and planning a roadtrip to the eternal playground: Las Vegas, will have to wait. Time and money are both obstacles in getting this pipedream plan off the ground. So forget Sin City for now, for your 21st birthday party it’s all about Lounge Vegas!

Step away from the laptop; we do not mean simply create a sparkling Facebook event and be done with it. Give your 21st birthday party the respect it deserves by sending out real invitations, but make sure you consider both your theme and your budget. A simple playing card showing the date, time and venue make for a professional looking invite on the cheap. If you’re going all out on your invitations, perhaps consider something a little more unique like posting out poker chip with the time and date engraved.

The real beauty of Las Vegas is the incredible variety of different games and events all going on at the same time under one roof. It’s a vibrant, buzzing hub of exciting activity. Want to drink on the street? That’s fine. Stay out ’till 4 a.m.? Sounds good to us. Create the same effect by going al fresco, setting up a number of small marquees in your garden, each hosting a different casino game. Using different rooms in your house works just as well too.

Now this is the best part: easy casino games to play at home are those involving cards. For games like poker, blackjack or baccarat all you need is a deck of cards and some poker chips. Craps is another popular choice that can be easily played at home with a craps table, dice and poker chips. If your guests are relative rookies, have alternative games available for them to play by looking up more casino ideas. Ok, while you might not be able to afford to buy a slot machine, you could quite easily hire Casino Package Rental for the evening.

The difference between a regular poker night and a real 21st birthday-worthy Las Vegas style casino night is all in the detail. If you want your Lounge Vegas to really look like it’d be at home on The Strip you’ll need to invest in a couple of key props. Decorate your garden or rooms with homemade bunting crafted from cards, cover stools to make them look like giant dice, and buy some garish neon flashing lights. Throw the party of the year by renting inflatables from the The Best Bounce House Rentals and Inflatables rental in Daphne. Of course, no one plays cards at a kitchen table in Vegas, so try to grab a roll of green felt to cover your tables with.

Create a casino themed playlist to get your guests in the mood. Off the top of our heads we’d suggest starting with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face, Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas, and ABBA’s Take A Chance!

With all that excited energy being expended at the poker table, you’ll need to make sure your guests are well fed! Party platters and bite size finger foods are a good option – you won’t have to interrupt the flow of the evening and it allows your guests to eat in between games.

For the fact fans amongst you, the fourth Earl of Sandwich actually created the sandwich so that he could take supper without leaving the gambling table he found after reading a Bitcoin casino guide! Alongside your finger sandwiches, there are plenty of other casino-inspired dishes you could serve. How about a Caesar’s Palace salad? Or poker chip cookies. Goldfinger foods like flapjacks and pancake rolls, Octopus(sy) served with a tempura sauce, and anything served in a martini glass will go down well with Casino Royale fans!

All that’s left to do now is slip into that LBD and get ready to roll those dice!

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