If Carrie Bradshaw Had a Favourite App, it Would Look Something Like This: Meet Drinki

If Carrie Bradshaw had a favourite app, it would look something like this: Meet Drinki

Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City app

We’re not sure how the ladies in Sex and the City always ended up at the best happy hours. But if there was an app that helped with finding the perfect drink spot, it would be this one. Long after filming has ended, the Carrie Bradshaw effect is still very much alive. Ask any group of friends post office hours, and you’ll find the theme is certainly still having a moment, especially here in London. After all, this was the show that made us believe that if we’ve moved to New York, London or any major city, we would conquer the world and do so in Manolos.

And if there’s one thing we could all agree on when it comes to going out, it’s this: nothing beats a drink deal.

All is well and good unless there’s not a drink special anywhere in sight. Bummer.

Well, we found a solution to this problem. It’s a perfect match to your night out, like bubbles to champagne. Limes to tequila. Anyway, you get it.

Here at YCB we are hooked on Drinki – the new app that’s sweeping our city. Drinki promises free drinks in return for a Facebook check-in. Yes, you heard it right! Even better, the app does it automatically. With over 70 bars under their belt, there are over ten thousand Drinkis (free drinks) to snap up each week.

Yep, a free drink. That’s all we really want (and a pair of Manolos, of course). Especially after a long week of working hard, like 40+ hours hard and then some. But then it comes. The freakin’ weekend. So why not go for a drink, especially when it’s free with Drinki?

We see no problem with this either. No problem at all.

Drinki app

Drinki was born right out of the city of London and founded by Sophie Abrahamovitch. Sophie believed the “drinks on us” mentality shouldn’t just apply to the blogging elite, but that everyone has the ability to connect and share in a big way. With that, the British app took off in three of England’s major cities: Liverpool, London and Manchester.

New cool app Drinki

Sure, there are as many drinking apps as there are versions of a martini. But what sets Drinki apart is that it’s simple and gets you a drink in your hand.

The part we like best is scoring a free cocktail at the touch of a screen, second only to drinking said cocktail, of course.

Ok, so what’s really behind this UK-based app? How does this incredible work of libation awesomeness actually work?

Picture this: a Drinki user arrives at a participating bar and simply shows their smart phone screen to the bartender, who taps the screen once. This checks the user into that bar on Facebook, and a free drink is made.

Sophie said, “With Drinki, it’s not about the number of friends or likes you have, it’s about one simple Check In on Facebook. The venue rewards you with a cocktail or glass of champagne to get lunchtime or evening drinks off to a flying start.”


The average cocktail featured in the app would typically cost £8. Once the app has been downloaded, users can view the nearest offers, such as: “Free champagne at the Buddha Bar”“Free Espresso Martini at Holborn Grind”“Free Jamble at Simmons Bar” or a “Free Rapaska at Juju’s, Chelsea”. The offers are shown on a map, making venues easy to find.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users. Be sure to get social with Drinki before getting social at the bar by checking them out on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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