Personalise Your ‘Thank You’ Card with These Tips

Personalise your ‘Thank You’ card with these tips

Personalise your 'Thank You' card with these five tips

Though most of us enjoy the ease of modern technologies- texts, email, Facebook messages, but we still get our kicks from sending and receiving a good ole’ fashioned letter via snail mail. Finding a good card can be difficult, as the occasion for sending can differ, but we have found the best of both worlds for you! You’re welcome.

When Pretty in Ink is sending our pleasantries with their personalised self-inking stamps and stampable stationery, then we feel good to go! Founder Alison Fiorini did not want her children to be fully submerged in a highly digitally dependent world, and from that came the business idea for Pretty in Ink. ‘With three young children each, a total of six between us, we recognise that our children will be growing up in a digitally based society. The fear was real that our children would need to learn the importance of a simple handwritten note. Emails are fast but things by hand show effort and that you took your time to hand write your thoughts. We developed stamps as a fun way for both children and adults to want to write again.’

Pretty in Ink are the Canadian innovators of personalised stamping. Their brand offers thousands of beautiful and unique stamped impressions without ever having to touch an ink pad- say goodbye to smudging or having ink covered hands.

Pretty in Ink

Whether our note is for a post-interview follow up, recognition in the office or at the end of a job or internship, Pretty in Ink embraces our inner craftsmanship and shows off our personalities with their stamps.

Here are our top five tips for personalised stationery:

1. Custom Stamps

Everyone gets a thrill from checking their letterbox for new mail. With Pretty in Ink stamps sending post never felt so dynamic. Let your recipients know you are a leader of the stationary pack by choosing to craft your address or family name with one of their customised stamps.

2. Kid Stamps

For a kid, receiving a party bag at the end of an hour-long bouncy castle session is the icing on the cake. Make your kid the talk of their class with Pretty in Ink’s stamped candy or cake bags.

Allowing kids the freedom to express themselves with their own named stamps brings excitement and creativity. Why not use your named kid stamps to ensure their property doesn’t go missing at school or after school clubs?

‘I think the importance of written notes comes with teaching your children the value of good manners. Innately as mothers we want to raise good children and teach them the value of hand-written notes.’ Alison says.

3. Gift Sets

Never run short of stationery products and purchase one of these gift boxes to display on your desk at all times. Keep family recipes sacred and use Pretty in Ink’s recipe card set or pass on a gift set to a friend who equally loves penning with elegance.

4. Stationery

The Stationery collection features thirteen luxurious designs ready to be personalised with Pretty in Ink stamps. Each set comes with ten folded cards (five of each) and European flag envelopes. Your pen-pal will be have to find ways to rival your awe-inspiring letters.

5. Special Occasion Stamping

With wedding season in full force, what better way to remind guests about your unforgettable day than impress the pants of them with personalised invites. You can also add a twist to your seasonal game and host a BBQ with signature napkins. Give your burger buddy’s a reason to rave about your BBQ as the best in the neighbourhood.

At Pretty in Ink their unofficial slogan has become ‘one stamp, thousand of uses’. For example, ‘a monogram stamp for a newly married couple can adorn the envelope of their wedding invitation, the thank you card to follow and perhaps on the day of the event they can customise some cocktail napkins, gift tags and menus! Custom printing any of these things can be extremely expensive. One stamp, thousands of impressions and the ability to say you did it yourself – Martha who?!’ Alison comments.

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