Find Out What This Cool New App Says About Your Personality!

Find out what this cool new app says about your personality!

6 Tribes

Have you ever wished to discover new friends with similar interests and tastes, but never enjoyed tumbling down the black hole of mutual Facebook friends or Instagram followers? Okay, here is your chance to embrace a community full of like-minded people with the newest and coolest app on the block: 6 Tribes. So if you are new to a city (whether you’ve moved there for work, your partner, or just want to explore something new) and find it difficult to settle in, keep reading!

In the madness of city life we often brush past one another on the underground, don’t have time to interact with work colleagues or barely know our neighbours. This can all change with one simple tap when you download the 6 Tribes app; it will bring you an entire new set of friends and platforms to express your passions with compatible creatures.

6 Tribes

Created by a team of data scientists, user interface designers and software developers the social network is designed to handpick your tribe according to what floats your boat. The team behind 6 Tribes has specifically targeted the urban millennial group, but adds new tribes daily. ‘Instagram is hubbed around people. 6Tribes is hubbed around lifestyle.’ If you’re a cinematic vulture, foodie enthusiast or gym bunny – to mention a few – there is a tribe awaiting your following.

Once downloaded, their recommended system calculates everything for you. No need to bog yourself down with online forms about interests and hobbies – the app will find the first six tribes matched to your interests so that you can instantly start to connect with fellow followers. ‘Members feel and set the pulse of their tribe.’ With over 100 tribes to join, the possibilities are endless. On the rare occasion that you can’t find a tribe of people who love exactly what you do then no problem – start your own!

Throughout your journey the app will allocate you new tribes based on your location and Social DNA. ‘In just two taps, with no form filling and zero on boarding friction, 6Tribes finds your passions, interests and hangouts.’ Your Social DNA is basically a set of tags that will show your interests based on topics you’ve posted about and places you’re interested in. Continue to build the facets of your personality as you engage with fellow tribe members and it will result in ultimate hang outs!

After downloading and losing ourselves in the buzz of tribe life, we have noted our favourite tribes and what they say about your personality…

Coffee Geeks

6 Tribes Coffee Geeks

It is no secret that at YCB we are beyond passionate about coffee so naturally the Coffee Geeks tribe is our go-to. You may not drink your coffee black but you can appreciate the quiet folks who do. You know the best spot to hunker down with a good book and where to get fantastic drip coffee on-the-go. You have the coffee intelligence of a Barista though you prefer coffee shops over homemade cappuccinos.

Tribe Traits: Introverted, Intelligent, Curious.


6 Tribes Wanderlusters

Whether you like to explore your own city or travel further afield, Wanderlusters puts your traveling shoes at bay until the next time you leave on a jet plane…You love exploration, adventure and spontaneous road trips. You enjoy language, music, food and cultures that contrast your own. Some days you’re fearless and take big risks. Other days you enjoy independent walks through new parts of town and meeting strangers. You thrive in big cities and prefer spending time with people who have also lived abroad before.

Tribe Traits: Fearless, Adventurous, Open-Minded.

Adrenaline Junkies

6 Tribes Adrenaline Junkies

‘Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes you happy.’ Hmmm..where have we heard that before? You like to workout every day, sometimes twice, to feel the burn and enjoy some well-deserved sweet treats. Most of your friends belong to the same gym, soccer league or cycling class. You like staying active and healthy to live a long, positive life.

Tribe Traits: Athletic, Energetic, Friendly.

Crafty Cats

6 Tribes Crafty Cats

We fall for thoughtful handwritten, handcrafted gifts over store bought items every time so the Crafty Cat tribe is one we are a part of. You are an artist; whether decorating your living room with watercolour or DIY recycled materials. You are more inclined to hold introvert traits so enjoy expressing yourself through multimedia and graphic design.

Tribe Traits: Creative, Authentic, Compassionate.

You can post text or photos to the tribe, comment and reply to other people’s posts and turn any post into a group chat. Additionally, the location setting allows the app to recommend further tribes based on your geographic state of mind.

6Tribes officially launched in the UK on May 26th 2015 with other countries to follow. To become part of their tribal domination download now or catch their latest stories on Twitter.

Rachel Shippee

Rachel is in her final year at Elon University in North Carolina studying International Studies, Creative Writing, and Spanish. Her passion lies in combining these interests through advocacy for women's rights at a global level. She has previously written for College Lifestyles and Her Campus Media. Follow her on Twitter @rachelshippee.

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