Our Back-to-School Shopping Wish-List

Our back-to-school shopping wish-list

Things you need when leaving for college

You’ve got your hands on your high school diploma, turned your tassel and had a graduation party, so it’s finally time: you’re going to college! Before that though, you quite literally have to pack your life away, and you’ll need more than a few new additions for your new life too.

How are you going to buy all these must-haves? Well, you’re going to ask for them of course, because you know what, it’s okay to ask for what you want. It shows you’re strong and know your own mind (a vital trait to have as you get closer to entering the real world), and it makes everyone else’s lives easier too because they don’t have to second guess you…this, we feel, is particularly the case when it comes to gifts.

What you need to buy when going to college

So, just for you we’ve joined forces with Pinkfluence to create the definitive back to college wish-list, including practical things to help you through the working day, as well as little homely touches that’ll help stop you feeling homesick… Yes, starting university or college in September can be a daunting prospect, but the blow can be softened slightly by parents and family members showing how much they love and support you through a few well chosen gifts. Their little girl is leaving home for the first time – trust us, they’ll want to shower you with adoration to show how much they’ll miss you, so it’s worth asking for things you actually want, right?

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1. Bed linens

You’re probably thinking this one is a bit obvious, and it is; it’s on our wish-list because you can have so much fun choosing your new bed linens. Chevron, polka dots, paisley, ruffles … the possibilities might just be endless. Of course, make sure you know the dimensions of your dorm bed before buying. You need more than just a blanket, though; consider bringing the following linens:

  • Mattress cover

  • One or two pillows

  • Pillowcases

  • Fitted and top sheet set; maybe an extra for when you want a clean bed without doing laundry

  • Duvet and duvet cover or comforter

2. Mattress topper

Dorm beds aren’t famous for being the most comfortable things in the world. Scoop up a plush topper to make sure that yours is. You’ll find egg crate styles, memory foam, feather ones…but just be aware you will be expected to leave your bed at some point to attend classes!

3. Bed storage system

To round out the bed-centric must-haves, you’ll need to make use of the space under your bed for storage — no one ever said your uni room would be big! The best way to make your space storage-ready is to first invest in bed risers. These go under the four legs of your bed to raise them further off the ground. This creates lots of extra space for storage bins. Have a little fun with it by purchasing patterned or coloured crates that match your new bed linens.

4. Bath wrap

There’s a chance you won’t have the privacy of your own bathroom in university halls or college dorms. A bath wrap gives you all of the privacy you’ll need! Most have Velcro or snaps to keep the towel secure as you walk down the hall — no romantic comedy-style mishaps with a falling towel here thank you very much!

5. Carryall bag

Not everyone is a backpack person, and that’s fine. If you fall into this category, college will call for a cute carryall bag or tote. Choose something durable and in a neutral tone so you can wear it year-round. Given your style may well differ dramatically from that of your parents, be sure to bookmark a few styles you like on Pinkfluence; that way, family and friends can purchase the one you love, not the one they think is totally on trend.

6. Rain boots

Unless you’re going to school in the middle of the desert, you’re probably going to need a pair of rain boots. Fortunately, many designers have upped the fashion ante when it comes to stylish rain boots. Instead of big, clunky ones, you can now find ankle rain booties. They even come in fashion-forward patterns, to boot!

7. Coffee machine

Whether you’ve got to wake up for an 8 am lecture or stay up until 8 am studying for midterms, you’ll need your own personal coffee machine to get you through. The most convenient option would be a single-cup coffee maker with refillable cups: quick cups of coffee and minimal waste. Check to see if your school has any regulations on appliances in dorm rooms before you buy, but a small coffee machine shouldn’t be a problem.

8. Inspirational décor

Dorm room walls can be drab-looking, to say the least. It’s always nice to have a piece of décor that inspires you to head out the door with confidence, plus it’s a way of displaying your personality to your new roommates. Consider wall art, or head to your local poster shop or art store to find just the right piece for you.

9. Homey décor, too

Just because you’re having the time of your life at college doesn’t mean you won’t miss home sometimes. You’ll feel the love every time you look at a cute picture frame filled with images of your family, friends, pets – whatever reminds you of the place that you came from.

10. A tablet

Hey, you’re heading off to college. Now is the perfect time to add a tablet to your wish list. You can do everything with it: take notes, download slides for class, read, send emails, work on presentations. It doesn’t weigh as much as a laptop either, so you won’t hesitate to carry it around. Trick it out with a portable keyboard and you’re ready to quickly note down whatever your professor has to say. It might just help you ace that next exam. At least that’s what you can tell your parents when they come across it on your Pinkfluence list!

‘I think girls need to own their “pickiness” because it’s really about knowing their preferences and what they like. It’s ok to be picky. Being picky isn’t a bad thing. Why is it a bad thing to know what you want?’ We totally agree with Pinkfluence founder Maria Arteaga – so go on, share with her what you’re putting on your back-to-school wish list on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

Sarah Landrum

Sarah Landrum recently graduated from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR. Now, she's a freelance writer and career blogger sharing advice on navigating the work world and achieving happiness and success in your career. You can find her tweeting on her coffee breaks @SarahLandrum