Plan Your Workload with Cool & Powerful Notebooks

Plan your workload with cool & powerful notebooks

Nuuna notebooks

Say farewell to your trusty pukka pad. It might have stood by you through thick and thin, but it’s time to dress up your desk with Nuuna’s pretty notebooks. Planning and keeping track of your busy socialite calendar has never been so easy.

Nuuna notepads

Whether you’ve started a new job, received a promotion, or merely wish to keep track of client meetings or all those fabulous summer work events you’re attending, these cool and exciting notebooks allow you to clearly list all of your activities on premium Swedish paper that’s been thread-stitched and bound using extraordinary materials. Hey – we’re discerning about craftsmanship when it comes to our clothes, so why not our planners too?

The range comes in a variety of powerful colours and designs, and beautiful features include flex covers, rounded edges and hand printed silkscreen covers. Stunning cover motifs are then applied via silk-screen printing (a craft that has been used by artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein) From high shine, silver mirror coating, extra smooth, eco-friendly white and black bonded leather there’s an exclusive finish for every type of social butterfly. So, make sure you have one of the below Nuuna notebooks at hand to jot down meeting notes, art gallery inscriptions or party plans this sunshine filled season…

Nuuna City Notebook

In our opinion, you can never make enough city trips; even while on holiday we’re unconsciously planning our next getaway! Nuuna’s City notebook features gorgeous artwork illustrated by Artist Jan Paul Muller – an Offenbach native!

Nunna Sketchbook

Can’t have a pen in your hand without doodling? The Nuuna sketchbook is designed specially for your inner artist. The graffiti element brings street style to a whole new level. So, if you fancy yourself as the new Banksy or are inspired by surrounding street art, this Nuuna will do just the trick.

Nunna Muse Notebook

We all need a muse (or perhaps we’re someone else’s muse!) Nuuna’s muse notebook, designed by Japanese artist Naomi Takaki, is supposed to act like one, allowing you to achieve higher creativity in a new job, internship or personal endeavour.

Nuuna’s Better Remembered Notebook

Forgetfulness haunts us all, but now you won’t find yourself apologising for sending a late card, text or email thanks to Nuuna’s better remembered notebook. Princeton University has found that people remember things much better after writing them down by hand rather than typing them on their computer. With your loyal Better Remembered notebook no tears will be shed or horror faces pulled if and when your computer decides to crash and lose those irreplaceable thoughts and ideas.

Nunna’s Shiny Starlet Notebook

Nuuna’s shiny starlets were spotted on the catwalks. They come in the current metallic trend colours: cooper, blue, gold and turquoise. If you’re worried that they may outshine your latest it-bag – don’t be, they will only compliment your overall look and be the envy of every girl in your office!

Now is the end of ‘boring notebooks’! These new summer must-haves are stocked in Selfridges and range from £6 to £30. For more Nuuna creations visit!

Danielle Wood

Danielle has a fascination with living a life full of creativity. She is the founder of A Life in a Season blog and contributes to Huffington Post UK. When not writing her next blog post or snapping photographs, she can be found immersed in the latest film and theatre performances while discovering the newest trends hitting the streets of London.