Write Your Way To Remembrance

Write your way to remembrance

The ‘just because’ note. Once a thing of beauty, it’s now a distant memory from a pre-technology age. We’ve all but forgotten about traditional snail mail and the jitters of excitement we used to get when a real life envelope dropped through the letter box and on to the mat. As much as we love a text or tweet littered with emojis, we think it’s time to bring back the hand written note, so we’ve teamed up with witty stationery brand Loops and Belles to get those letter boxes swinging again!

Loops and Belles

‘Many of my cards don’t require a special occasion or reason to be sent,’ says Loops and Belles founder, Elizabeth Newton. ‘It’s no wonder that I look for any excuse to put my mailman to work: a birthday, a new baby, to say “thank you,” or simply because it’s Thursday!’

Baby+Checklist Loops and Belles

Elizabeth is what you might call ‘paper obsessed’. When she was young and home from school sick, her dad would surprise her with sticky notes to brighten up her day. Feeling the impact such a seemingly small gesture could have, Elizabeth began dreaming of creating her own stationery line. ‘A handwritten note stops someone in their tracks and makes them feel value’.

Thank you notes

Witty handwritten notes

To help teach our tech-savvy generation the importance of picking up a pen and writing instead of typing, Elizabeth passionately talked us through the significance of sending notes and letters over emails and texts.


‘I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard hiring managers say that while an email thank you is “nice,” they take notice of the applicants who write a handwritten note,’ says Elizabeth. In today’s world where most workplaces request everything to be done electronically, set yourself apart and send a handwritten thank you note to a hiring manager to show that you are a cut above the rest and uniquely worthy of the job.


The Loops and Belles line has a varied range of bright and fresh messages for all occasions. Hallmark might not cater for what you’re looking to say, but rest assured Loops and Belles will come up trumps with a perfect message.


Most of us permanently have our phones attached to our hands; at the end of a long day the norm is to arrive home with your head deeply engrossed in the buzzing device. You’re overwhelmed with notifications from various social networks, but how important are the messages you’re receiving, really?

What would happen if – shock horror – you instead go outside and check your mailbox to find an envelope with your name handwritten and a real stamp in the upper right hand corner? ‘It takes almost no effort to send off a quick text or email “thanks.” But writing a note and putting it in the mail shows an added appreciation and consideration’.


Loops and Belles have a line of cards fit for everyone’s character; their entertaining and unique messages bring an intimate touch. Choose a card that will reflect the receiver’s personality, and yours too!

It takes a certain someone to understand the humorous side of one of Elizabeth’s favourite card. ‘My favourite card to hear my customer’s react to is “I shaved my legs just for you!” Women will pick up the card, laugh out loud, and show it to their friends. I even had a husband pick it up one time and show it to his wife – that wasn’t quite the same reaction. I think she might have (lovingly) slapped his arm for that one’.

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