Go On, Treat Yourself To A Parisian Surprise!

Go on, treat yourself to a Parisian surprise!

My Little Box UK

Were you born to eat escargot and walk along the Seine every evening? Do you lust over Breton stripes and start the day with pain au chocolat et café au lait? Well, we definitely do! As much as we love London, there is something très chic and romantic about our French sister, Paris. Even though she’s only a couple of Eurostar hours away, trotting across the Channel for a Parisian getaway isn’t as frequent as we’d wish. Luckily, we’ve found the solution for all us Parisian fetishists, in the form of My Little Box. Let Paris come to you with this delightful indulgence—a spectacle of fashion, beauty and lifestyle surprises that will no longer have you daydreaming of Paris. With a loyal following of over one million users in France, founder Fany Pechiodat recently brought their product across the pond with Londoners now injecting French fancies into their daily lives.

My Little Box sets itself apart from contenders that have gone before. With this Paris-based product comes a revival of the beauty box; an indulgent gift that keeps on giving. Your creativity is nurtured with one of their monthly themed boxes, previous editions include: my little Dream box, my little Superbox, my little Energy box and my little French box. My Little Box never fails to impress and is continuously beautifully composed with their stylish presentation and in-house illustrations by artist Kanako.

Treat yourself to a Parisian surprise with My Little Box

At YCB magazine we came up with a million reasons as to why you deserve a Parisian reward each month but whittled our list down to the following:


Subscribing to My Little Box brings an element of surprise each month. Unlike most subscriptions you are not permanently tied to theirs, opt out any time – not that you will want to once you have started receiving your monthly fix. Work their current charms into your daily life to create Parisian luxe while waiting for your next dose of novelties.

My Little Box UK

Fashionable Partners

From Clarins to Lancôme to Givenchy, you will get the chance to test and own some of these high-end French branded products. Your handbag will soon be bursting with chic cosmetics.

Treat A Friend

Surprise a friend or loved one with My Little Box. Don’t wait for a birthday or special occasion to roll around; fill their lives with a charming Parisian treat!

My Little Beauty

Tired of your every day beauty regime? My Little Box sends one product from their new in-house beauty range, My Little Beauty, to your doorstep every month. The exclusive collection offers some of the most sought after scents, colours and formulas. Be the first to share your new found beauty discoveries with colleagues and friends alike.

My Little World

My Little World is the magazine included in each box and follows its theme. The magazine opens as a poster for home or work decoration. The photography and illustrations will touch your more feminine side.

My Little World

Live Like A Parisian

Londoners and Parisians couldn’t be more different but with My Little Box’s monthly treasures it allows you to live like a Parisian; understand their passions, habits, humour and more. Become a charming Londoner with the influence of My Little Box.

It’s as simple as ABC to get your paws on My Little Box: register and order online, wait for the postman, unwrap and enjoy. Don’t hesitate  – Parisian chic looks good on everyone.

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