Sink Your Teeth Into The Meat Co’s Lux Burger This National Beef Month!

Sink your teeth into The Meat Co’s Lux Burger this National Beef Month!

Westfield’s Meat Co

There are some people who have a bit of beef with beef. Critics of the meat regularly give the beef industry a right good grilling, often arguing that it’s bad for our health (largely unfounded). In attempts to counter these condemnations, and re-educate and remind the world of the beauty of beef, May is National Beef Month. May 28th is also International Burger Day, and to celebrate, South African-inspired restaurant The Meat Co have brought back the Lux Burger…

The Meat Co ‘take pride in serving the finest steaks’. A potentially hyperbolic claim, you might think, but this certainly isn’t a case of big hat, no cattle. Welcoming National Beef Month with greedy open arms, we dined at Westfield’s Meat Co and can confirm the validity of their claim. These were indeed the finest fillets and the most supreme sirloins we’ve ever tasted.

Meat Co in London Westfield

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves too quickly. Before the main event must of course come the appetisers and starters. Proud of the restaurant’s South African heritage, The Meat Co staff recommended a bowl of biltong beef and a starter of boerewors. Biltong you’ll likely be familiar with; you’ll perhaps have grabbed a bag last minute as you paid for petrol at a service station. This was not that. This was expertly butchered, lovingly dried and cured beef that proved to be the perfect meaty treat to nibble on at the bar – we’ll never go back to crisps and olives again!

Boerewors is less likely to be on your radar, but it should be. Initially dubious about ordering something so completely alien to us, our South African waitress – with a little knowing twinkle in her eye – suggested we try the infamous African dish. Apart from pouring that fourth coffee that got us through this week, never before has such a good decision been made. Derived from the Afrikaans words boer (‘farmer’) and wors (‘sausage’), boerewors is a super-long sausage coiled up to delight both the eyes and the tastebuds. Served on a plentiful bed of polenta with a spicy tomato sauce, these were such generous portions we almost forgot that this was only the beginning.

So to the main reason we were there: the return of the Meat Co Lux Burger. Ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life (read: us), diners at the restaurant are offered a choice of luxury toppings to add to their burgers. Think lobster, foie gras, and giant prawns! With such a wide array of extravagant ingredients available to add, never again will you feel guilty for perhaps playing it a little safe by just ordering the humble burger. In fact, your sterling choice will add serious class and sophistication to your evening. The infamous Meat Co steaks were no less impressive, arriving cooked to perfection and accompanied by chunky chips and lashings of sauce.

Your Coffee Break's Features Editor Anouszka at Meat Co

With all this food to compete with – and we did feel as though we were participating in an epic episode of Man vs Food, in the most fantastic way possible – a girl needs something to wash it all down with. The Meat Co’s cocktail menu is just as inventive and novel as its food. The Jungle Bear was a particular favourite. Mischievously sweet, it comprised raspberry vodka, peach schnapps, Fraise syrup and a drizzle of lemon sherbet for a little fizzy kick. For those who like their cocktails for dessert, we’d recommend the Apple Crumble, an indulgent mix of vodka, cinnamon syrup, apple juice and double cream!

With the return of the Lux Burger, and an unbeatable ‘kids eat free’ offer during the May half term break, The Meat Co’s menu is one you can really sink your teeth into this National Beef Month!

Anouszka Tate

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