You Love Coffee, He Loves Gifts: Treat Your Bf To These Watches From Brew Watch Co

You love coffee, he loves gifts: treat your bf to these watches from Brew Watch Co

Gift ideas for the boyfriend: Brew Watches

So, you love your boyfriend as much as you love coffee, do you? Cheers to that. Obviously, we do too, and we think your significant other should take that as a sincere compliment, especially since it means he’ll likely get the best menswear gift ever. Yes, we just so happened to find something sweeter than sugar or cream to pair with his morning caffeine: Brew Watches.

Whether it is his birthday, Father’s Day or heck, any day you feel like buying your man a piece that will make his arm around your shoulder look like a statement necklace is a must-buy, wouldn’t you agree? Just look at Jonathan Ferrer’s gallery. After you lift your lower jaw to meet your top lip again, here’s more on how these designs were born and how to nab one for your number-one.

Brew Watch Co

These timepieces are fresh off the Kickstarter campaign with pre-order available now. Three styles or “blends” are offered with a special pre-order or launch price that is less than its regular retail price: Steel Special Blend (pre-order $250, retail $375), Rose Gold Special Blend (pre-order $250, retail $375) and Dark Special Blend (launch price $250, retail $375)

What makes these watches a top pick among YCB editors is its ability to capture the coffee break experience we all look forward to and savour for as long as we possibly can. Basically, you’d be buying the man in your life a 24/7 coffee break.

That’s something special. It’s an investment. It’s worth every cent if it means you can see that same smile he flashes at you across that café table every time he looks down at his Brew watch.

Stylish men watches from Brew Watch Co

Kickstarter campaign 2015 Brew Watch Co

Drawing inspiration from industrial espresso machines (can’t you just hear the hum of a French Press with every tick?), and channeling his personal style icon Dieter Rams, Ferrer accomplished his goal in creating a collection that reflects the cafe experience.

When asked if men still see the value in a classic wristwatch with a modern twist despite their easy access to digital devices like the iPhone, Ferrer waves off such a thought.

“Watches give a man an opportunity to make their personal statement shown,” Ferrer said. “It allows them to tell a story about themselves in a simple manner.  It reminds the man of the importance of time – to bring him to a place where he can escape the rush of everyday life: the cafe. “

Espresso-inspired watches from Brew Watch Co

Simple and beautifully stated, much like his collection of watches, I would say. You might even wonder if you can treat your significant other’s watches like you do boyfriend jeans. The answer is: sure! Why not? These watches look great on men and their other halves, though they are technically made to fit a male wrist comfortably.

If this is going to be a surprise gift, Ferrer kindly offers insight and tips on finding out your boyfriend’s size without giving away the whole shock-and-awe plan you’ve conspired.

Ferrer specifically created the watches to fit along the average male wrist comfortably. The design is also lug-less, which means that there are no long metal pieces extruding from the watch that connect to the watch strap, making Brew Watches even more comfortable (if that’s even possible). But, if you’re still concerned it won’t fit, suggests you try this:

“Take a look at some of his existing watches and they will probably be between 3.5-4 cm in diameter. The Brew timepiece is 44mm (4.4 cm) in diameter with no lugs, which places it in the similar size reference as some of the pieces he may already have. “

Wondering how your lover boy should style it? Unless you’ve got a male companion that is especially advanced in cosmopolitan studies – and they are definitely out there thank goodness – then you might want to take note on how Ferrer likes to style it, though your man really should make it his own (or you could make it your own and nag him until he adopts it, whichever you prefer).

“The Brew watch has the versatility to be worn up or down, formal or casual. I prefer a T-shirt or a button up with the sleeves rolled up, just to display the piece a bit more and to start an interesting conversation.”

But, the burning question left for Ferrer – the one thing we must know or risk never sleeping well again is: how do you take your coffee, sir?

“My baristas know me, and that there is never a regular – they can always make an interesting suggestion,” Ferrer said. “I’m always in favor of trying new things and continue to find a new favorite each visit, just as I design new pieces for the Brew Watches brand.”

Touché, Ferrer. Touché.

Connect with Brew watches on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You won’t want to miss all the launch fun they’ve got up their sleeves. (Or, below their sleeves and on their wrists, I should say….) You get what I mean.

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