New ‘Laundrapp’ Is A Must Download For Spring Cleaning Your Work Wardrobe

New ‘Laundrapp’ is a must download for spring cleaning your work wardrobe

Spring clean your work wardrobe with Laundrapp

There are two types of weekends for two types of city girls. One is spent outdoors with a mimosa in hand laughing off the late night before. The other is spent in a laundry room basement – fanning herself from the heat of the washer and dryer while her precious clothes, time, life, swirl about aimlessly right before her eyes.

The latter tries to entertain herself with a tattered magazine found on the floor since her cell gets zero reception underground, but she’s too distracted to read by the faint giggles heard in the distance from the other girls enjoying their weekend. She wonders, “Why am I stuck here while everyone else is out there?”

In one word, the answer is: Laundrapp, an app just launched a couple of months ago that is rapidly growing on iPhone and Android, allowing you to tap the time you’d like your laundry picked up –  regular wash-and-fold, dry cleaning, grandmum’s one-of-a-kind stained table cloth, whatever – cleaned, and delivered back to you at your convenience anywhere in Greater London, Edinburgh or Birmingham. If you need gutter cleaning done, it is best to hire professional services from Gutter Cleaning in Seattle WA.


And, don’t worry; all cleaning facilities are local and run by dedicated, professional staff. Promise!

Isn’t springtime the time to hit the refresh button on your life? And, aside from tidying up your flat, one major way to freshen up your wardrobe fast this season is to have Laundrapp do your laundry for you.

It’s not only affordable for the budget-minded working woman, but it can save you time stuck in the Laundromat or lugging sacks of your intimates to and from the neighbourhood cleaners (including stairs, mind you) when instead you could be reveling in the spring weather and wearing your favourite spring ensembles.

Knowing that leaving your laundry in someone else’s hands is a leap of faith to many, we spoke directly to Laundrapp Founder and CEO Edward Relf who was nice enough to give our YCB readers £10 off your first wash, using the code COFFEE, just so that you can experience the great customer service yourself without the full investment.

“My biggest pet peeve is when my laundry hasn’t been done! If my best shirt isn’t clean – the one I feel the best in and most confident wearing – when I need it then that’s a real pain because, like everyone else, a lot of my wardrobe space is full of clothes I haven’t worn in a while – and I haven’t worn them for a reason.”

The app’s attention to detail by providing customer’s enough space to tell it exactly what he or she needs, is only part of its rave reviews. Customers love the support staff even more who will tailor service to special requests. For example: collecting and delivering laundry on weekends, as well as in the mornings and evenings. Laundrapp can collect and deliver anywhere in London between 7AM and 10PM.  You don’t need to pre-treat stains and you don’t need to sort the clothes. They will target spots and problems for you and treat them specifically.

The success stories are quite entertaining, and we asked Relf to share some of his favourites.

“There was a mum whose child stained their white dress the day before a school play. It was a situation which we really sympathised with, so we pulled out all the stops to make sure she got her freshly cleaned dress delivered to her door,” Relf said. “That’s the beauty of the on-demand we offer. We’re on-call and ready to come to the rescue in just a few swipes.”

His favourite story though is about a customer who asked for his laundry to be delivered to his local pub so that he didn’t have to cancel his weekly quiz with his friends.

“We took the time to understand why it was so important to him and offer his team a special level of service. They even named their team after us!”

Now that’s service.

As for coffee (you know we had to ask), Relf is a macchiato man –a large, skinny, caramel macchiato, extra hot and with a double shot, to be exact. And, Laundrapp is a coffee-stain-removal machine.

Relf says, “I need to drink less coffee.”

Blasphemy, we say! We’ll just pretend that he meant to say he needs to drink more coffee, then. Yeah, that’s better.

To keep up with the ever-growing Laundrapp, be sure to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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