Give Mum A Handmade Gift This Mother’s Day

Give mum a handmade gift this Mother’s Day

Hearth and Heritage

When you think of Mother’s Day what comes to mind? Most likely the usual stereotypically serene scene: a smiling mother surrounded by her children, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a sentimental card carefully laid next to a tray of freshly squeezed OJ and hot buttered toast.

But there does, unfortunately, come an age when handmade cards splattered with glitter, burnt toast and the constant cycle of trying and failing to make what your mum deems to be the perfect mug of coffee just won’t quite cut it anymore. Yes, of course it’s the thought that counts, but maybe that thought should be a slightly better thought in the first place? Mothers take many different forms, so a one size fits all present just won’t do. They deserve a gift that suits their personality and can’t be made in a toaster.

Having said all that, handmade is still a good place to start (except you won’t be the one making things by hand). Sue Rowe-Price founded Hearth and Heritage in 2013; inspired by British history, culture and countryside she’s developed a number of signature candles and scents that are hand poured and will make the most beautiful – thoughtful – gifts this Mother’s Day. Every time your mum lights one she’ll be filled with fond memories of you.

Provide perfumes for mum’s pantry

For the mum who spends all her time whipping up feasts for her family it has to be the Basil and Lime scented candle. Sitting on a kitchen surface the light, fresh scent will brighten up mum’s day without resorting to a glass of rosé. It can also be used in a diffuser, perhaps to mask any of those unfortunate burnt toast moments.

Handmade gifts for Mother's Day

Fill mum’s front room with florals

If your mother spends a lot of time in the living room, slaving away for her family ironing and folding clothes no doubt, wrap up the Rose and Neroli room diffuser. Neroli comes from the blossom of a bitter orange tree and smells sweet, almost like honey, so the light fragrance will wash over her and make her feel as though she were sitting in a garden. Warning: the family may not have clean clothes for a delayed period of time as you might catch her gazing off into the distance, clutching an unfolded t-shirt.

Hearth and Heritage

Buy bergamot for mum’s bathroom

If your mother likes to start her day with a hot shower or unwind in a bubble bath come the evening, we suggest the Fig and Bergamot lotion or the Skincare Pamper gift set. After a relaxing soak, the earthy scent of wild figs and tangy citrus will leave her feeling invigorated and ready to take on the day. The rich creamy lotion will envelop her like a hug on the days your not around to give her one yourself.

Suffuse mum’s sanctuary with succulent scents

For most mothers the bedroom is a place to find peace and solitude. It’s perhaps the only room they can get away from their kids! The rich dreamy smell of the Fall Fruit candle is great for mum’s sanctuary. Notes of pomegranates, plums and black pepper mix with a warm amber base to create a luxurious smell befitting a bedroom. We cannot take responsibility for any mothers who lock themselves in their bedrooms and refuse to come out.

Offer spice for mum’s office

For the more managerial mother Hearth & Heritage’s new fragrance, Tobacco and Vanilla, is a must-have. The spicy smell of coriander and tobacco wrapped in cinnamon and ginger, floating on a base of vanilla pods, nutmeg and musk will leave her feeling determined and focused. She’ll be ready to take on that conference call then whip up a fantastic dinner. Wonder woman better watch her back! The smell can even be used in a diffuser placed in her home office too.

Handmade gifts for Mother's Day with Hearth & Heritage

It’s hard being a full time nurse, chauffeur, personal chef, piggy bank, teacher, therapist, amusement director, and monster slayer, so make the job a little easier with a signature scent from Hearth & Heritage this Mother’s Day. Maybe that breakfast in bed lovingly made by her favourite daughter won’t hurt either.

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