Why You Need A Wardrobe Makeover In 2015

Why you need a wardrobe makeover in 2015


New Years resolutions: a chance to tell the world you’re going to go to the gym six times a day, give 87% of your paycheck to charity and not touch a drop of alcohol until 2017 before giving up even pretending you ever had any intention of doing those things by January 9th. Some resolutions were never going to last, but we think we’ve found you one that you’ll enjoy keeping next year. Make 2015 the year you finally learn what clothes and colours and cuts really work for you, and how to switch up your style to suit different occasions. Your New Years resolution will be to get yourself a personal stylist.

Webstylist gives you access to fantastic stylists, all ready and waiting to live chat with you online about your styling needs. Picture it; you’re getting ready for a girls’ night out but all your friends are too busy untangling their necklaces and meticulously plastering on mascara to have time to stop and tell you whether to wear black or red. Your stylist at webstylist.me will be on hand to give advice right when you need it most. Or perhaps you know you’ve got an important job interview coming up and want to know how to make the best first impression; they will help you choose a stylist that’s right for you based on the occasion and your main concerns …and if you have to do a bit of shopping and revamp your wardrobe in the process? Well, new year new start, right?

The client meeting 

On the site, each handpicked stylist has a profile that you can browse at leisure before deciding who to ask for help. Tyler Freund quotes American costume designer Edith Head saying ‘you can have anything you want if you dress for it’. This is the perfect frame of mind to be in when dressing for a client meeting; you need to go in to that meeting sure that you can come out of it with what you want. Tyler specialises in high fashion, so turn to her for sharp, high-impact separates like knee-length skirts, blouses and stilettos that you can mix and match for future meetings. (You will, of course, be more than confident in mixing and matching by that point, having been taught the ropes by the experts!)

The first date

Specialising in dressing women for first dates, Emilie Machado is all about exposing your personality through your clothes and make up so that your would-be suitor falls for the real you from the start. With that in mind, never wear an item you’re uncomfortable in – he will notice if you’re constantly tugging down your slightly-too-short skirt no matter how subtle you think you’re being. So, even if you already know what sort of outfit you’re looking for, Emilie (armed with a photo of you) can advise what colour you’ll dazzle in and what shapes will flatter.

The work event  

‘Style is nothing without substance’, says stylist Alexis Hawkins. Contemplating that thought before a work event will encourage you to work on your brain as much as your beauty, your hand picked items of clothing in turn giving you the confidence to speak your mind. Personal stylists like Alexis, who specialise in high fashion, will be able to source pieces that are formal enough for a work do, but are so beautifully made they make you stand out from the crowd.

The job interview 

During a job interview it’s not just the words coming out of your mouth that matter; your body language and choice of outfit can speak volumes to someone meeting you for the first time. ‘Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’. Webstylist Kate Schmalle quotes YCB favourite Rachel Zoe on her profile, suggesting that no matter how nervous you feel on the inside, your confident choice of a leather pencil skirt and printed sheer blouse can tell a totally different story.

The business trip 

Enlist the help of a fashion stylist like Julianne Daloian next time you’re about to jet off on a business trip. Specialising in events planning and claiming that ‘fashion should be classic’, she’ll be able to advise what timeless staples will work for your figure and lifestyle. Keeping your New Year’s resolution to consult a stylist will decrease the chance of having to throw mismatched outfits in to a bag last minute, instead ensuring you always have a suitcase full of perfectly picked ensembles ready for action.

The girls’ night out

‘Bring out your inner princess!’ Jen Savransky tells us. This stylist loves advising on accessories and headband jewellery, making her the perfect person to have a chat with before a girls’ night out. For those who are unwilling to cheat on their trusty LBD, hypnotising jewellery is the way to refresh and update an old classic. It’s easy to get stuck in an accessories rut, scared of the unknown (‘that necklace is so big, I couldn’t possibly pull that off!’) but encouragement from an expert might just give you the confidence to sparkle in ways you never dreamed.

Anouszka Tate

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