How To Bluff Your Way Through Gifts You Don’t Like

How to bluff your way through gifts you don’t like

Christmas Day is a wonderful time of year; sitting around with your loved ones, sharing gifts and bringing a smile to someone’s face. The anticipation builds to find out what presents you have been brought this year, but sometimes they can come as a bit of surprise. To avoid upsetting any of your nearest and dearest this holiday season, the team at Ladbrokes have put together a few faces for you not to pull, just in case you receive what you weren’t expecting.

The ‘Are You Sure This Is For Me?’ Face

A common occurrence in the large families, a case of mislabelling can end in everyone getting the wrong presents. Dad unwrapping a make-up set and Mum receiving a bottle of aftershave may provide some humour, but will certainly spark a look of “why on earth have you bought me this?”.

The ‘This is Awesome, 15 Years Ago’ Face

There is nothing worse than getting a present that is outdated and having to pretend you like it. One of the main culprits for this is the uncle you haven’t seen for years, who gets you the “my little pony” t-shirt, despite you now being a full grown adult.

The ‘Too Intimate For An Audience’ Face

Imagine being sat in front of all your family, diving into your pile of gifts and the first you unwrap is the naughty stocking filler from your best friend. You look around the room, Grandma is blushing strawberry red, your little brother is trying not to burst out laughing and your Mum is giving you the evil eye of disgust – not the ideal way to kick off Christmas Day.

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