Style Inspiration From 7 Halloween Movies

Style inspiration from 7 Halloween movies 

Of all the different kinds of cinematic fare, horror films aren’t usually the first ones you think of for great fashion. But actually, we can find great style inspiration in this genre. I mean the bride of Frankenstein’s wedding dress was super minimal and chic. And that hair was…well it gave meaning to the word up-do. Plus, a little blood is great for contrast! Let’s take a look at some films we can draw style inspiration from:

I Know What You Did Last Summer

You may not remember the fashion from this 1997 flick that basically launched Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career but there were some memorable looks. In the film Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a townie beauty queen being stalked by a murderous fisherman. For her big ending scene (SPOILER: she dies but it’s been like 15 years so I don’t feel bad about that one) she wears this sexy silky slip dress. Looks great on stage but unfortunately this isn’t the best dress for running from the bad guy (the heels didn’t help). But with the tilted crown and her sleek lob, this was a great look that you can easily pull off for Halloween (scary dude chasing you is optional). Plus this flick is all about the Y necklaces and headbands. It was the 90s!

Rosemary’s Baby

This is as good as fashion on film gets. This 1968 terrifying film features a young Mia Farrow right when she got her signature famous pixie cut by Vidal Sassoon (which became an important plot point). Her attire in the film is pure 60s and amazing. Sheaths, baby doll dresses, velvet sailor suits and then those great maternity dresses. The costumes in this film were clearly a very intricate part of the story.


This film is so 90s but it is amazing and it has truly become a pillar of modern horror. From Drew Barrymore’s agressive bob to Rose McGowan’s little skirts to a lot of suede and leather jackets. And let’s not forget Gale Weathers neon suit!

Rear Window

Not as scary as some, but definitely fun to watch. And you pretty much can’t go wrong with Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart. Kelly wore that iconic black and white dress designed by Edith Head. Add some pearls and you are the belle of the ball.


It doesn’t matter if you go for the original or choose the 2013 remake with Chloe Grace Moretz. A silky skimpy dress always looks great (well before the pigs blood is poured on it).

The Birds

In the same vein as Rear Window, Tippi Hendren’s outfits in The Birds were to die for. Never has someone looked so polished while being stalked by evil birds. You could totally sport one of those gorgeous suit skirts in the office.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 2003 version)

Jessica Biel showed us in this one that you can’t go wrong with a white tanktop and bootcut jeans (and maybe a cowboy hat). For fighting a crazy madmen, this is probably the most practical of outfits.

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