Make It Easier For Your Guests To Surprise You With Unique Wedding Gifts

Make it easier for your guests to surprise you with unique wedding gifts

Simply Wedding Gifts help you find dreamy buys to put on your wish list    

As little girls we’re told ‘your wedding day will be the best day of your life’, and so it should be. ‘You’ll remember it forever’, no doubt you will. But what if in reality the months of preparation and planning and pampering leave you feeling like your wedding will in fact be the most stressful day of your life. And yes, you’ll remember it forever, but only because you accidentally sat two mortal enemies on the same table, you had to keep hoisting up your ill-fitting dress, and to top it off you already had all the items your guests bought as gifts.

Dreamy wedding giftsIt’s enough to make any bride-to-be rethink entering in to wedded bliss in the first place. YCB are here to tell you to keep calm and marry on. While we can’t stop your old school friends from bickering over canapés, and we can’t prevent your side seam from ripping just before your first dance, what we can do is make sure that when you carefully peel back (or excitedly rip open) wrapping paper, the gift hidden within is perfect: something you don’t already have, something you genuinely want, something that will forever remind you of your incredible wedding day.

‘My husband and I got married last year and signed up to a wedding gift list company. We had a very bad experience and although the concept of the business was good, it was let down by disappointing customer service’, Sarah Turnball tells us. This is the reason Sarah Turnbull founded Simply Wedding Gifts.

Unique wedding gifts

Described as a traditional wedding gift list service with a modern twist, Simply Wedding Gifts is a complete, comprehensive gift list service for couples and their guests where everything is in one place. Couples who have the wedding registry can have fun browsing the site and picking out exactly what they want before guests purchase the gifts hassle-free. There’s even an innovative service that allows newlyweds to write their thank-you cards online and have them printed free of charge. Less time dealing with post-wedding admin means more lazy mornings savoring those precious first moments as husband and wife.

Simply Wedding GiftsWhile they say that love is blind, what love unfortunately cannot shield your eyes from is a terrible wedding gift. Those ‘oh, I already have that’, and ‘this is so not my style, doesn’t my cousin know me at all?!’ moments can easily be avoided by using Simply Wedding Gifts. Sarah explains that a couple will usually sign up 3-6 months before their wedding day, giving them plenty of time to consider and select items from the site’s vast range of gifts.

And indeed, it is a vast range. The team scour markets and trade fairs to find perfect suppliers and new ideas, believing that the success of the business will lie in the quality and variety of the gifts. Traditional household items prove to be ever popular, but it’s Simply Wedding Gift’s bespoke range that sets it apart from its competitors. ‘We’ve noticed a lot of interest in a bespoke drawing of the church or venue, and cushions or frames of the wedding invitation’. Soon, couples will be able to add experiences to their 結婚禮物 list too. What better way to start married life than by tipsily giggling together at a wine tasting, or sharing a quiet moment in a chauffer driven ride to the airport before jetting off on your honeymoon.

We’ve given thought to the potential stresses for the bride-to-be, but guests aren’t immune to pre-wedding anxiety either. Not only do we have to find a hat to match our dress (or should it match our shoes?!), we also have to buy the happy couple a gift. Not just any old gift; a thought through, original, wedding worthy offering. But this is where the wedding gift list works for us panic-stricken guests too: Sarah reminds us that if a couple have put a particular item on their gift list they will have put a huge amount of thought in to it, making it an enormously worthy present. But it’s just a fork, we hear you cry. Yes, but each time your newlywed best friend eats with that fork, she’ll think of you, her wedding, and how happy she was that you shared the day with her.

So, from this moment on, do we take Simply Wedding Gifts as the one and only gifting service we’ll ever use? We do.

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