Missing Home? Meet The Company That Know Its Roots

Missing home? Meet the company that knows its roots

Nadine Rose

You’ll either be sighing with relief or sighing with sadness now the World Cup is done and dusted, but whether you love or loathe football – it’s impossible to deny the sense of patriotism in the air. International events like this have given a huge platform for people to get back to their roots and discover other people’s, bringing different cultures into the mainstream media.

Home living enthusiast and businesswoman Nadine Rose has been pioneering multicultural values since the creation of her brand. Her beautiful textiles, towels, ceramics and Rumisu scarves all have a story behind them.

Nadine Rose“The handloomed organic cotton towels come with a card explaining their heritage and what makes them special,” says Nadine. “When customers realise that the vintage embroidered cushions have been hand-stitched by a single lady it draws increased fascination and awe. The ceramics seem to hold great attraction, particularly those who have an interest in fine and Islamic art, as they recognise the techniques and style of the designs.”

Nadine began the interior design company Nadine Rose with the idea of making her passion into a business that used sustainable and ethical resources. Nadine’s business is helping to enable women in Third World countries to improve their lives economically, with 10% of her profits going towards educating women in developing countries. In the UK, she’s running workshops that help people begin their own journey into the textile business.

“Social and personal responsibility are my mantras. Having worked in the charitable world for a number of years, it has always struck me that no matter how little an individual does that small something can have a major impact.”

It’s refreshing to know that you can own real Afghan felt, Himalayan shawls and Turkish ceramics that are doing more than just making your lounge into an interesting haven with its own story to tell. From beginning to end, her products all have an inspiring story. Having lived in France, Iran, Belgium, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and Oman  – Nadine’s own story is a fascinating one. Her first-hand experience of different cultures has led her to find quality products in unusual places.

Nadine Rose“Growing up opposite the Grand Bazaar in Tehran definitely influenced my life, as did my parents’ love of collecting rugs while we lived there,” Nadine explains. “Ever since then, my eye has been drawn to Persian and Oriental textiles and I am now a collector myself. Handmade Islamic art and textiles almost always involve colour, pattern, uniqueness and beauty that have enormous appeal.”

Nadine’s own studies and work in decorative design mean she knows how important it is to find the right pieces to compliment your home and personality. Pattern and colour can bring life to any drab interior and create a distinctive mood.

“The products I sell lend themselves brilliantly to people wanting to create a certain lifestyle – one based on quality, uniqueness and contemporary living.”

Unique interior for your home

Making your rooms homely is all about the furnishings – whether it’s a beloved blanket or an eye-catching cushion, Nadine Rose’s products have the distinct feeling of place.

“We used the home of Interior Designer Abigail Smyth, who featured on Channel 4s Building the Dream, for a lifestyle shoot recently. The bathroom was already stunning with a deep grey bath and sink unit, however the pastel shades and weaves of the organic towels gave it even more of the wow factor!”

Summer decor for your homeWith the world getting smaller, and everyone nostalgic for their countries in light of the World Cup, Nadine’s authentic collection carries a unique sense of homeliness. Whatever you’re purchasing for your home and wherever you are in the world, Nadine has worked on a bespoke service that adds that personal touch.

“As a young business I am only just beginning to build up personal clients but am finding I’m already offering an advisory service. The gift service is fast becoming one of my main specialities, as I offer a wrapping service with matching gift cards that can be done in store or via the internet. Last week I sent a gift to Melbourne, Australia of two towels gift-wrapped with a personalised handwritten card.”

Follow in Nadine’s footsteps and take your home beyond pretty: make it exceptional and make it reflect your heritage and personality. These intricate handmade pieces rare aimed to reflect both the creator and owner’s distinct identities, creating an environment that’s interesting, complex and layered. And no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of Nadine Rose in the coming months, as the company prepares for a brand new newsletter and a series of fairs, shoots and magazine features.

“Over the summer we are going to run more workshops in decoupage, photography for social media and styling all of which brings a great buzz to the store. We will also hopefully be collaborating with creative stylist, Jo Thornhill, for an Interiors Event – word is already out! And of course, there will have to be another sourcing trip!”

For more information and to shop the collections, visit: www.nadinerose.co.uk

Natalie Beech

Natalie Beech is a freelance writer and Editor-in-chief of online magazine The Grade (www.the-grade.com) which covers everything cultural in her hometown Leicester. Currently finishing her degree in Creative Writing and Journalism, she spends any free moments running, cooking and tweeting.