Empty Coffee Cups And Doodled Notepads? Pamper Your Desk And Feel The Rewards!

Empty coffee cups and doodled notepads? Pamper your desk and feel the rewards!

pamper your desk

If you’re feeling bored at work – the culprit may be something you didn’t expect. Your desk. That’s right; if paper piles, empty coffee cups and doodled notepads line your desk it may be time to do something about it. Trying to come up with your next big idea is difficult enough, let alone when you’re buried under six inches of clutter.

Giving your desk a makeover can help to revamp your spirits, and make the office job that little bit more exciting. The Urban Botanist are bringing life to dreary desks worldwide with their unique terrariums, now coming to the UK after a huge success in North America and Australia.

The Urban Botanist“The simple beauty of terrariums is plain to see. This, along with their history and the fact it’s a modern twist on an old idea, really gives the product a sense of nostalgia,” says Lucy Serafi, founder of The Urban Botanist. “Let’s face it – the old ideas are the best! Just with an added twist to bring them back to life.”

Lucy is right – these terrariums have just the right balance between retro and 21st century, and the clever science behind them means you get the perks of a garden without the bore of the chores. If you find even house plants a bother, The Urban Botanist are really making it easy for you.

“The plants which we have selected in our terrariums are purposely chosen to be simple and uncomplicated to keep alive,” Lucy explains. “We use Airplants and Succulents for all our terrariums. Airplants require just a spritz of water once every 2-3 weeks, and succulents every 2 weeks in the soil surrounding them!”

So if you decide to jet off this summer, you don’t have to fret about your newfound desk-chic withering away! These glass-lovelies come in all shapes and sizes, so you can have the traditional terrariums, a wall-hanging or even the adorable baby range, which offers mini terrariums as the perfect gift or decoration. If you’re worried about your new leafy-habitat making it into the building, The Urban Botanist’s products are actually very easy to transport.

“Traditional terrariums are very difficult to transport due to the nature of having loose gravel and sands in a vessel, but the technology we have developed ensures all the elements are set solid within the glass without compromising on aesthetics. As such we are the first provider of these products who can send these through the post without risk of upsetting the beautiful creation inside.”

The Urban Botanist’s range is inspired by a variety of new design trends, which have produced the ‘Skyline’ ‘Pacific’ and ‘Aztec’ terrariums. The variety of glassware has something for all tastes, whether you’re modern or traditional.

The Urban Botanist

“Aztec terrariums have a very contemporary design with strong geometric lines, perfectly suited as a centrepiece for any situation. The Pacific collection is more rustic in design, with brown and cream being the stand out colours, while the Skyline collection is smaller in size, perfect on their own or in an arrangement.”

Plus, if you like to add a little bit of identity to your desk or garden – these terrariums have enough room for those extra little quirks. 

“Our customers can do many things to personalise our products. From different plants, to Lego for the kids to crystals and stones for the adults – anything goes. That’s the beauty of them; they allow creativity to flow.”

After making a big impact internationally, prestigious British companies and events have woken up to The Urban Botanist. This year, the company was featured at The Royal Chelsea Flower Show just two months after their UK launch. Moreover, their products will soon be coming to London with a stall at Spitalfields, and big retailers John Lewis and Liberty are taking an interest.

The Urban Botanist Lucy Serafi

“The feedback we have had from the general public and businesses has been fantastic,” Lucy says. “As our products are such an unusual take on the traditional house plant, it’s really captured the imagination of customers. Being invited to Chelsea Flower show was of course a big honour for us – not many people ever get the chance to do that.”

Summer is all about getting back to nature, and letting the outside in again. If you’re stuck in a rut at work, however, it’s hard to feel the summer spirit. Make that desk look fresh again, and your ideas might just freshen up too.

For more information and to view the different collections, visit: www.theurbanbotanist.co.uk

Natalie Beech

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