Redecorate Your Home Office This Summer For Productive And Inspiring Days

Redecorate your home office this summer for productive and inspiring days

Redecorate your home office

Is working from home working for you or are you lacking inspiration, staring at the same four walls all day? Sometimes, a girl needs a change of scenery and there’s no better time to give your home office or workspace a facelift than summer – it’s all about breathing colour and life into your work environment with fabulous decor.

Floral prints are a summer classic – and no one knows it better than print designer Rebecca Edwards. Her company The Lonely Rose is producing prints and cards that are capturing the hearts and minds of her London customers.

The Lonely Rose

“Of the prints, The Meadow is the favourite so far,” says Rebecca. “There is definitely a demand for the cards because, after all, people like to send something unique to their loved ones once in a while!”

The Lonely Rose prints capture the atmosphere of the warmer months perfectly, with beautiful, hazy designs that’ll add that summer glow to your office or home in no time.

Rebecca Edwards - The Lonely Rose“I love to bring bright pops of colour to my living spaces during summer to lift my spirits. Sunshine really helps vibrant colours to sing. You won’t be surprised to hear that I always have fresh flowers in my studio in the summer, bringing the outside in is vital!”

With a selection of brand new prints coming this season, The Lonely Rose is going from strength to strength. Rebecca’s background in art and design has given her a grounding of the impact of art, and the positive effect that it can have on a space.

“Art is a very emotive subject. Having prints around you that lift your spirits can lead to you being more productive and inspired. Everyone works better in an environment that they feel comfortable in.”

There’s nothing like putting on your summer clothes for the first time – it’s uplifting. So why not spread the joy to your surroundings? In London, these summer months are precious before the inevitable long winters, and it’s important to make the most of it.

The Lonely Rose

How to decorate your home office for the summer

In order to keep her designs fresh, Rebecca needs to keep her mind fresh. She takes inspiration from everywhere, always keeping her sketchbook on hand. After studying art, her influences are far reaching.

“It’s all about having a personal connection with a piece of art that I love,” says Rebecca. “Matisse is a favourite of mine for his composition work – I read a piece called ‘The Shock of the New’ by Robert Hughes which said “he [Matisse] wants to bring you into this painting: to make you fall into it, like walking through the looking-glass”. It is this connection with the audience that fascinates me.”

Rebecca wants to achieve this same connection with her customers, and is constantly working to make products that suit her audience. Her new work, which includes ‘The Wildflower’, ‘The Meadow’, ‘The Garden’ and the ‘Rose’ collection is about reconnecting customers with their relationship to nature and the glorious English countryside. And this summer we are switching up our environment with a pop of colour as a way of spurring productive days.

“I wanted to keep the names simple so that they can remind people of familiar places and memories – everyone has different feelings and emotions to a place such as a meadow. Using colours that compliment those surroundings, I want to connect the customer with those memories.”

Prints are a medium that bridges art and decoration, with an increasing respect for print work in the wider art world. At this year’s prestigious Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, print had a room designated to the art form. Rebecca’s passion and background in art has allowed her to pursue The Lonely Rose, and she loves visiting galleries in London for inspiration.

“The Tate Modern has always been a favourite of mine. I also love the V&A – it’s held so many wonderful exhibitions lately – plus I could lose hours in the bookshop!” she explains. “London is incredibly fortunate to have such a variety of places showcasing art and design. It’s difficult not to feel inspired walking around the streets.”

Perhaps you’re feeling tired of your desk, its dull exterior looming like the work you have to do. You deserve something beautiful to lighten your load, and The Lonely Rose has plenty on offer. Plus, you better catch Rebecca while you still can, her work could be going beyond the desk…

“There are lots of exciting things to come for The Lonely Rose! We have more cards and prints coming soon, but there are also plans to move the designs onto fabric. Wallpaper is a definite must as well – watch this space!”

For more info or to get your hands on Rebecca Edwards’ beautiful design, visit:

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