Instant Vintage For Tea Parties, Picnics And Garden Parties

Instant vintage for tea parties, picnics and garden weddings

Bobby and Jane

Summer is officially here and to make the most of the nice weather, we want nothing more than to head to Hyde Park and have a good old British picnic in the green grass. But if you want something more chic than paper plates, plastic cups and napkins, you ought to look to Bobby and Jane’s exquisite vintage china and prop hire. Here at YCB HQ, we like to do things in style, so the extra daylight calls for festive garden parties and picnics with only the best antique pieces (you can say that you found it here first!).

Bobby and Jane Amy-Jane LeesonBobby and Jane, formerly known as VinTEAge, gets it name from Founder and CEO Amy-Jane Leeson, and the influence of her fiancé, Rob – giving the antique company a sentimental aspect. The successful entrepreneur experiments with a wide range of eras to provide her clients with a romantic and intimate feel, but says that her most requested themes this summer are the 40s and the 60s, and pastel colours are in very high demand. We at Your Coffee Break love the intricate patterns paired with eye-catching and stylish colours, which give Bobby and Jane a modern twist on the classic vintage pieces.

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Earlier this month, we had the chance to meet Amy over a cup of tea in the beautiful Nonsuch Mansion located in Surrey outside London to learn more about her services and success story. Talking to Amy about running her own company, we found that she wasn’t always making waves in the vintage world. In fact, she was originally a Nutrition Consultant and an Account Manager. Whilst the professional has always been passionate about health and nutrition, she is a firm believer of being 100% committed to your career (we love a devoted businesswoman!), and nutrition wasn’t doing it for her. The inspiration for Bobby and Jane came when she was planning her vintage themed wedding and spending hours trawling antique jewels on Pinterest. This awesome woman had so many ideas of her own, and secretly dreaming of having the kind of career that would bring those ideas to life, Bobby and Jane was soon born.

Bobby and Jane

Vintage china London

After speaking to Amy, you can easily say she is now living her dream; she is spending her days shopping for vintage treasures, networking with other business owners, building her brand awareness in the city and of course surrounding herself with much lusted after vintage gems. The satisfaction that comes from nostalgia, fun, conversation and bringing a difference to people’s events and lives is incomparable, says Amy, and the fact that she can earn money from it is just an added bonus!

Vintage china and prop hire in LondonShopping for stock for her collection is now a full-time job. The search for stock for clients includes visiting familiar shops and markets in and outside the city, charity shops that she passes and buying from only the most trusted sellers on eBay. There is the glamorous side of networking, picking venues, selecting key pieces and styling shoots, and the less appealing but still incredibly necessary side of invoicing, packing and unpacking stock, even washing the tea cups! (something Amy always does by hand herself). Despite the whirlwind of having your own vintage china and prop hire, Amy is always passionate about the history behind every single one of the pieces, and loves the move away from the mass production that we’ve become so used to.

Bobby and Jane has a personal touch to its business. Clients are able to request specific pieces, and Amy will begin her challenging search in order to provide for the customer. Birthdays, festive tea parties and photo shoots have already been provided for, but Amy is still eagerly waiting for the big wedding to kit out with her beautiful and original finds. This lady has big plans for Bobby and Jane in the future, so watch out for her unique vintage china and prop hire, so that you’re able to say that you found it first!

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