Guilt Free Ice Cream Made For Sunny Days

Guilt free ice cream made for sunny days

guilt free ice cream

Summer is coming! Literally, it is just around the corner and as we are looking forward to picnics in the park, cocktail-drinking on our favourite rooftop bar and beautiful night walks through Hyde Park we know that with sunny days come the fear of indulging in… a little bit too much of the good stuff.

So it comes naturally that we are looking for food and treats that tastes great but doesn’t leave us feeling sluggish or guilty afterwards. Here at YCB we can always recommend Taywell Ice Creams, an artisan Ice Cream brand that’s creating deliciously refreshing ice creams and sorbets, but keeping our health in mind while doing it. We’ve had the company delivering their frozen treats to our desks every Friday (they don’t call it casual Friday for nothing!) and it comes without saying that we can’t get enough of their huge range of flavours– a refreshing departure from the usual twelve-trick pony ice cream companies! Classic tastes such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, Mango Sorbet and Rum & Raisin, as well as imaginative and novel combinations: Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble, Pink Champagne Sorbet, Coffee & Tia Maria – that’s just to name a few!

Taywell ice cream


It’s not just their exciting flavours that sets Taywell Ice Creams apart from your average ice cream company – it’s the way they make them. Taywell only uses the finest and freshest ingredients, sourced from Kent and Sussex, aiming to make all of its products free from artificial colours, additives and stabilisers so that you can enjoy your frozen sweets without feeling guilty.

Taywell NOSH Range

Alastair Jessel, founder and owner of Taywell Ice Creams, is passionate about the negative effects of sugar on our bodies, and as a part of his range the founder is swapping sugar, fructose and dextrose for Erythritol, an alcohol sugar that occurs naturally in some fruits and fermented foods. Jessel includes stevia glycosides from the Stevia Plant – which are found to be much sweeter than sugar. This novel approach to making ice cream and sorbet means that the creamy and intense flavours are retained, but the natural and novel ingredients make the ice cream experience much healthier and guilt-free.

The ‘free-from’ nature of Taywell Ice Creams means that the delicious ranges of flavours are not only attractive to those with particular dietary requirements, but also those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle – Taywell aims to make almost all of their products gluten-free. For those who also have soya or dairy intolerance, the sorbets will not leave you disappointed. And listen to this: the NOSH range – one of the world’s first natural  ‘no added sugar’ range of ice creams and sorbets – is catered specifically to diabetics and those seeking to lower their sugar intake. Yes, it’s clear that Taywell puts its customers first, regardless of dietary requirements, enabling us all to have our ice cream and eat it too.

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