What To Wear To A Poker Night With The Girls

What to wear to a poker night with the girls

What to wear to a poker night with the girlsIf after a demanding working week you feel a bit of relaxation is severely overdue, try the hottest new night in: a poker night with the girls and introduce them to new casino finds you cannot wait to tell them about such as 1$ deposit free spins in canada.

The candles have been lit, the wine has been poured and everyone’s chic purses are laid on the table ready for the battle to begin. But poker can be a hard thing to master and if you’re more concerned about raking in the compliments than the chips then there are a number of things you need to consider. After all, you’re not playing poker online where what you wear to play is of little importance, so follow our guide to make sure you bring your fashion a-game to the poker table!

Do:  Ask the host what she’s planning on wearing. This will ensure you won’t turn up feeling under or over dressed for the occasion. Plus, if you want to create a fashion showdown you’ll have the upper hand over your competition.

Do:  Make sure you’re comfortable. Sitting down for long periods of time and needing to concentrate fully on the other players’ hands means that for professional female poker players; comfort is a key concern. However, we suggest bringing a little luxury and grace to your night, so feel free to go all-in and recreate the traditional Monte Carlo-esque casino image of women in beautiful ball gowns and cocktail dresses.

Do: Think about your head wear. Bring a bit of glamour to the table by investing in an elegant wide brimmed hat that your smoky eyes can peep out from underneath.

Do: Get a classy almond manicure and load up on sparkling statement rings so that everyone knows that you and the cards in your gorgeous hands mean business.

Don’t: Forget your sunnies. Although poker is generally played inside, many professional poker players wear shades to mask their expression so not to give away their hand. Make yours a fabulous pair of powder pink Célines!

Don’t: Feel you can’t dress up if you want to. As already mentioned, ball gowns are completely acceptable (probably). Not all the poker chicks dress down to play their game; we love Maria Ho as she knows that looking incredible commands attention!

Don’t: Worry so much about your waist down. You’ll be sitting down all evening so your bottom half will be hidden. However, an event at which you don’t have to stand is the perfect excuse to finally wear those stunning stilettos that you normally struggle to walk in…

By: Diego Bocanegra