The Style Evolution Of Katie Holmes

The style evolution of Katie Holmes

The style evolution of Katie Holmes

Believe it or not, Katie Holmes has been a household name since 1998 when she came into our world as the moody, but loveable ultimate girl next door Joey Potter to manchild Dawson Leary (James Van Der Beek). Though Katie clearly embraced the fashion industry she still kept her Ohio roots in that the girl loves a good pair of jeans and she isn’t afraid to go outside sans makeup and with wet hair. But when she was married to the biggest movie star in the world that was a little trickier. Let’s take a look at the style evolution of Katie Holmes.

1. Fresh-faced 90s girl

Clearly this was the 90s and like every good 90s girl, Katie was all about jeans, sweater sets and girly dresses. Hey, she was only 19 when the show started.

2. Experimental

Katie started spreading her fashion wings as she got more comfortable in the spotlight like with this multi-colored dress she wore in 2000. It didn’t hurt to have cute boyfriend Chris Klein at her side.

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein 9th Annual MTV Movie UK

4. The Carolina Herrera fan

Katie has been a devoted fan of designer Carolina Herrera since the early 2000s. She has worn many dresses of the iconic designer to big premieres and events, like this gorgeous one she wore to the opening of her film Pieces of April.

Katie Holmes wearing Carolina Herrera at the premiere of Pieces of April

5. BT: Before Tom 

Though Katie was living in New York City in 2004 and working on the big blockbuster film Batman Begins, she was still very much a low-key jeans girl like this number she sported at a Harry Potter premiere.

Katie Holmes before Tom Cruise

6. When Tom met Katie

When Tom met Katie her style suddenly got very fancy very fast. It helped that they both had a lot of films to promote, but Katie was suddenly a dressy gal (and a sexier one, like with this plunging jumpsuit she wore to the MTV Movie Awards to honor Tom.)

When Katie Holmes met Tom Cruise

7. Maternity wear

There were a lot of rumors surrounding Katie when she was pregnant, but she still managed to look awesome.

Pregnant Katie Homes out shopping in Beverly Hills, CA

8. The hip New York mom

After having Suri, Katie did a few films and then moved to New York to work in theater. She chopped her signature long hair off and channeled a very retro glamorous look that was part Jackie O. part Liza Minnelli. And she was a big proponent of bringing the boyfriend jeans look back.

Katie Holmes short haircut for inspiration

9. Post-Tom 

Katie Holmes in a sleek ponytail

Right after her sudden divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie sported one of the sleekest ponytails you ever saw and continued to look sharp to show everyone how fine she was.

10. Funky Katie

As a single mom in New York, either working in the theater, on movies or most recently on a TV show, Katie has been showing off a funkier side with her boho tops and Isabel Marant booties.

Katie Holmes boho look

11. Glamour is back


Lately Katie has been showing off a more glamorous side, like this burgundy dress number, as she promotes her latest film at The Tribeca Film Festival. But we know, at the end of the day, she is a jeans girl.

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