The Best Fashion Moments On Mad Men

The best fashion moments on Mad Men

best fashion moments in Mad Men

This Sunday is the final season premiere of Mad Men (drown yourself in Bourbon, as they would do). This will be a tough one to lose, but for now let’s focus on the positive. We get one more season of fabulous fashion.

Let’s face it, it may be called Mad Men, but this show has always been about the women. This is due in large part to the genius of Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant.

“A lot of times I get called a stylist and I’m like, ‘No, that’s not my job,'” Bryant told Yahoo Shine! She said she dresses the “Mad Men” stars in things she designs herself, rentals from L.A. costume shops, or vintage items that she purchases. “Today, we are really inspired by what we see on television and what we see in films. So, I wanted to create a show that really shows the importance of the costume designer and how that influences our fashion world.”

Following the three “Mad Men”-inspired collections she designed with Banana Republic, Bryant is launching her own legwear line this fall, Janie Bryant Leg Couture. She describes it as “accessible,” but also with “beautiful details and modern technology that has a stay-up effect.” She is also working with the producer from “Fashion Star” to develop a reality competition show.

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of her and the women of Mad Men’s greatest fashion moments.

Betty Draper’s rome ensemble

We got to see a more trendy side of Betty in this fabulous black dress she wore on a trip with Don to Rome. She looked so sexy strangers were hitting on her. Those earrings and the hair style are to die for.

Betty Draper’s blue coat


It’s just a great coat. The pink coat she wore when she came home from the hospital was also gorgeous.

Megan Draper’s Zou Bisou Bisou dress


The second wife of Don Draper’s style really evolved over the seasons. She went from polished secretary to swinging 60’s girl. The dress she wore to Don’s surprise birthday party, which she serenaded him in her famous rendition of Zou Bisou Bisou, was a-mah-zing. It encapsulated the entire era and that she was no Betty.

Sally Draper’s shift dress

Sally Draper metallic dress

The precocious Sally Draper has grown up before our eyes on the show. As she approaches adolescence she is experimenting with fashion. The shift dress she wore in Season 5 was a big moment for teenage Sally.

Joan’s pencil skirt ensemble

Joan's pencil skirt ensemble

We don’t always love Joan’s outfits but this one was perfection.

Betty Draper’s maternity dress

Betty Draper maternity dress

Only January Jones as Betty Draper could make pregnancy look this good.

Betty Draper’s riding outfit

Betty Draper's riding outfit

Even during recreational activities she looked amazing.

Betty Draper’s blue dress

Betty Draper's blue dress

Stunning. The woman knows how to make an entrance.

Betty Draper’s floral dress and sunglasses

Betty Draper floral spring dress

She could wear this today! It will always be a classic.

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