Come And Get A Slice, A Healthy Slice!

Come and get a slice, a healthy slice!

Slice Studios Colby Hanks

Spring is on the horizon and it’s safe to say that after months and months of dreary skies, comfort eating and getting soaked in the rain, our petite bodies are on the verge of shutting down. The thing is, running to and from work in pitch darkness and the wanting to indulge in comfort food when we’re freezing our pedicured toes off leaves very little motivation for luxuries such as healthy lunches at The Good Life Eatery and post work gym sessions. Rather we find ourselves drinking an endless supply of coffee, diet coke and munching on hearty soups and baguettes when available. Fabulous and indulgent on yes but after several months of comfort eating, we’re left desperately seeking carrots and an Evian drip. And whilst personally we feel that a mad dash around the cobbled streets of Covent Garden in 5inch Steve Madden ankle booties is nothing short of exerting ourselves to Olympian standards, our physiques don’t quite agree and we’re decidedly at odds with the bloated, bulging feeling we’re currently experiencing.

So now that the season of bare legs, flirty sundresses and oversized shades is upon us, it’s time to get back into work out mode and we’re heading straight over to Colby Hanks, director of Slice Studios in London’s Parsons Green for a much needed wellness boost. The studios are a woman’s dream, combining luxury with fitness. Think of it as the pret-a-porter equivalent of a gym, elevating fitness to a much more fabulous standard.

Slice Studios in London The studios boast one of the best class menu’s in London, hosting favourites such as classic Yoga and Pilates as well as variations such as Ying & Yang Yoga, Dynamic Pilates as well as adult Ballet, Body Attack, 80’s Aerobics, Barre Conditioning (a Slice specialty) and a for a serious workout they even host a boot camp. Classes are kept limited so that each experience is kept personal and you’re never squeezed for space or feeling as though you’re not receiving the best possible instruction.

Classes are held in their two large luxury studios, complete with bold colours and beautiful mirrors – a thousand miles away from sweaty gyms floors and then perfect location in which to focus on your self. We really love how the luxury aspect follows through from the studios through to the changing rooms. Rather than the soggy open plan shower area and little else most gyms have to offer, Slice have captured the luxury of home comforts. All shower cubicles are individual, so that you can comfortably take your time, with fluffy towels, lovely products and an endless stream of hot water. The changing areas also feature all the tools you need to look your best post work out, from vanity mirrors to GHDs.

The Beauty Room at Slice Studios If you were wanting to continue the beautification process Slice also host a beauty pop up every Friday. Run by the girls over at The Beauty Room in Fulham, you can receive everything from mani/pedis to massages and waxing, allowing you to cater for all your beauty needs under one roof and continue the wellness process outside the classes. When the beauty team popped in for a visit this weekend we left with not just wonderfully stretched out limbs from an energetic yoga session but gorgeous nails and a serious bounce in our steps.

Amongst catering for all the needs a busy woman might have, Slice offers express personal training sessions and onsite crèche, catering for the mums amongst us with their sister company Cupcake Family Club. Housed at the same address, Cupcake offers privately-run Antenatal Courses, plus fantastic activities for babies, toddlers and children up to age 7, giving you the opportunity to entertain your little one in the company of other children whilst working out or meeting like-minded mums. Escaping for a little me-time results in better health for the whole family – who can argue with that. Oh yes, and men are welcome in the classes too. If you haven’t yet met your match, we recommend booking in for Argentine Tango next week!

For more info or to book a class online, visit Slice Studios at or give them a call: 020 7186 6007 

Photo courtesy of: Julia Fougstedt 

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