In The Words Of Amory Brown, “Home Is Where The Heart Is.”

In the words of Amory Brown, “Home is where the heart is.”

Amory BrownBehind every successful business, there is usually a powerful woman – or in Amory Brown’s case, two. Interior designing duo, Lucy Heathcoat Amory and Hannah Brown, have taken the interior design world by storm, shifting from high-end residential design companies based in Chelsea – following their diploma course at KLC – to the creation of their very own powerhouse; Amory Brown. With a creative design studio in West London, Amory Brown provides bespoke interior design services to private clients and residential developers. Specialising in producing luxurious, yet liveable spaces, with a down to earth and focused approach, Amory Brown bring together all aspects of interior detailing to exude modern understated style.

Much like many ambitious women, Amory and Brown shared a mutual goal of running their own business. Here at Your Coffee Break, we recognize the challenging obstacles that can face entrepreneurs when starting their own business- from the daunting task of sacrificing a regular salary and steady work benefits, to the constant need to put complete faith in your vision, ensuring that you never lose sight of your own abilities and maintain the required motivation and perseverance towards success. We were impressed by the rapid success of Amory Brown and caught up with one half of the partnership, Hannah Brown, to gain an insight into the inner workings of the business.

Amory Brown interior designHaving worked with a real mixture of residential clients, mainly in the Greater London area, Amory Brown tend to cater for professionals or young families who have a good eye for design, but do not have enough time to co-ordinate the projects and do the sourcing themselves. Amory Brown’s dedicated and efficient approach to managing their client relationships is incomparable, focusing upon the best way to achieve the finest possible results. “In design terms, we love colour and pattern, bold paint colours and mixing new and vintage pieces, and love to have the opportunity to bring our taste into the design of our projects.” Hannah told us earlier this week. “It is very important to us to create a home for our clients and not a show-home or hotel suite.” Both ladies pride themselves in being responsive and sensitive to their client’s needs, understanding the significance of creating a strong relationship with their clients from the offset, and for the design to reflect the client’s personality and tastes whilst allowing them to be guided rather than overwhelmed by Amory Brown’s ideas.

We want to take the stress out of the project for our client and for them to enjoy the design experience, rather than tearing their hair out trying to co-ordinate it.” The design genius explained.

Amory Brown

Amory Brown

A person’s home should be an extension of themselves, made up of a variety of different facets, from the choice of fabric and textiles, and the colour scheme of each room, (adhering to the individual function required), to personal touches such as photographs, artwork, and unique mementos which reflect a person’s interests and habits. It only took us a quick look at their work to understand that Lucy and Hannah know exactly what there are doing, creating beautiful homes and spaces that reflect the personality of their client.

A home is somewhere that is not staged or so precious you daren’t sit down in it or enjoy it.” Hannah continued. “It is easy to live in, move around in and makes you happy when you spend time there, so spatial planning, flow and furniture scaling play a big part in making this work.

When it comes to redecorating the home this spring, subtle changes such as cushions can be an excellent way of giving a new lease of life to a space. After all, home is where the heart is and Hannah believes in bringing pattern, texture and comfort into a room without having to change the whole colour scheme or to invest in large pieces. Sometimes, your home requires more of a face-lift than a reconstruction, with the creative use of mixing textures and fabrics to create a luxurious, yet comfortable feel within a décor which still feels familiar to you. Hannah added, “From wools and velvets to knitted and embroidered items and glazed cottons, there are so many options out there.”

Amory BrownThe dynamic duo work on any scale of project, from large refurbishments to simple decoration and furnishings projects and provide all services required for these, including interior architecture and spatial planning, interior detailing, bespoke furniture and joinery design, lighting design, interior styling & accessorizing, project management and other key services. Hannah told us, “We start by creating a concept for the project which involves mood images, suggestions for the colour palette, fabrics and spatial planning suggestions which defines the direction of the entire project and inform all design decisions from choosing what light switches to use to the fabrics for the cushions.

The New Year is all about change and brings with it an exciting array of projects for the masterminds behind Amory Brown. “We are currently working on our first large commercial project involving the design of a Grade II listed wedding venue in Hertfordshire.” She stated. “We are also involved in the complete refurbishment of family homes in Richmond and Barnet as well as apartments in Cambridge and Chelsea.

For more information on the services that Amory Brown provide, or to arrange a booking, visit their website or phone 020 3405 4090 

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