Anandi And Me: Cosy Up And Add That Extra Dose Of Chic To Your Apartment This Autumn

Anandi and Me: Cosy up and add that extra dose of chic to your apartment this Autumn

Decorate your apartment for Autumn

Autumn in London is quite unique and as the nights draw in and summer fades, us London girls like to prep ourselves for the cozy season ahead. The best way to do so is to decorate our pads to make staying in very appealing. You all know how much we like to cozy up with a cup of coffee right?

In the hunt for décor treasures, we stumbled upon Anandi and Me. Anandi and Me have a variety of 100% cotton cushions with exquisite embroidery in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.

Newly launched in 2013, Anandi and Me uses responsibly sourced materials from all over the world and fabrics in all of its beautifully crafted items. No wonder we’re hooked!

Anandi and Me

These unique cushions would look chic on any bed, chair or sofa, or mixed among other accent pillows. Give your room an eclectic, worldly feel this Autumn by using the bold cushions as extra seating when guests come over.

The extravagant intricacy and details create an aura of wealth and luxury, even though the cushions start at only £25.00. Anandi and Me also carry cushions in neutrals monochrome ensuring that they fit well in any room, regardless of the colour palette. Anandi and Me cushions make any home look like the habitat of a glamorous world traveler.

Anandi and Me doesn’t just sell decorative cushions and pillows, it also has a beautiful assortment of delicate cotton bathrobes. What better way to cosy up as the weather gets cold than with a nice, warm bathrobe! The bathrobes come in several patterns and colors, including a red floral, a navy paisley and a pale blue floral. Each of Anandi and Me’s bathrobes is one size fits all, which would also make it a perfect gift for your friends who love curling up near a fire for an indulgent night in.

Anandi and Me bathrobes

Add some flair to your fall ensembles as cooler weather approaches with a pair of amethyst earrings from Anandi and Me. These dazzling earrings are perfect for spicing up a look that will soon be covered up by coats and jackets as fall and winter slowly emerge.

Anandi and Me is a great place to shop for your home and for yourself! The unique and responsibly sourced pieces will give that unique vibe to your life, whether you choose decorative cotton cushions, a comfy floral bathrobe or delicate amethyst earrings.

All of Anandi and Me’s products can be purchased online at

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