5 Films To Watch For Summer Style Inspiration

5 films to watch for summer style inspiration 

Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush

If you say you didn’t ask your mom for surf lessons after watching this action romantic comedy, you’re lying. Kate Bosworth’s character overcame her fear of failure and propelled her surf career to stardom, despite the jeers of her male counterparts. Her effortlessly cool, tomboy look with her tousled hair and beached-out basics helped her to “be the girl who’d never ask a guy what to do.”

When it’s hot, heating up the straightener is not ideal. Instead spray your wet locks with a texturizer like Oribe Aprés Beach Wave and Shine spray   to bring the ocean back to the office. Stay cool and copy Kate’s nighttime look with a simple, black maxi dress. Comfortable and easy, maxi dresses are a good choice for hot, humid summer days.

Gwyneth Paltrow in The Talented Mr. Ripley

One of the best parts of The Talented Mr. Ripley (besides co-starring Matt Damon and Jude Law) is Gwyneth Paltrow’s 1950’s Riviera-chic wardrobe. Her character is inquisitive and her instincts help identify Tom for what he is far before those arounds her. Paltrow’s classic, carefree outfits fit perfectly with the low-key Italian coast and are definitely worth copying during your weekend away.

Get Gwen’s timeless look with printed skirts and shorts paired with well-loved white button-ups. For long days spent at the beach or on the water, vintage-inspired tie-front bikinis do the trick.

Lake Bell in It’s Complicated

Lake Bell in Its complicated

We aren’t exactly rooting for Lake Bell in It’s Complicated—she plays Alec Baldwin’s new young wife—but we can definitely get on her side when it comes to her desire to have it all, including children, and her summer style. This movie is a master class in turning great basics into perfect Southern California cool.

To achieve Lake’s look, minimalism is key. Stock up on great tees and cotton wrap skirts paired with chunky jewelry. Lightweight summer scarves are a good addition to an outfit and especially helpful in heavy air-conditioning.

Emmanuelle Chriqui in Entourage

Emmanuelle in Entourage

In Entourage, Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Sloan, the daughter of a famous producer and the quintessential L.A. girl. Her ability to network and connect with people and key industry leaders is a huge asset to the boys. Whether she’s on an early hike at Runyon Canyon or on the red carpet for a premiere, Sloan always projects elegant California cool.

Get her style by throwing on a pair of faded boyfriend jeans with an easy-going t-shirt and leather sandals. For nighttime gatherings, tap into jewel tones like poppy (or one that’s right for your hair and skin tones) in the form of a maxi dress that’s bright, but that won’t make you look like you’re ready for your senior prom.

Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed

Kate Hudson in Something Borrowed

In Something Borrowed, Kate Hudson is not the protagonist, but there’s something to be learned from her inability to take no for an answer. She is the quintessential PR girl who networks and organizes her way to success. She looks great in the city and at the beach with smart staples and light, neutral tones.

Emulate her summer-in-the-city style with a white blazer and tailored white shorts. For weekends, a fine-knit striped sweater works well at both the beach and a barbecue.

What’s your own favorite summer movie that helps your summer style for the hottest temperatures?


By: Chloe Troia 

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