Model Rachel Woods Gives Advice To Aspiring Models In Her New Book: The Model’s Guide

Model Rachel Woods gives advice to aspiring models in her new book ‘The Model’s Guide’

The Model’s Guide‘ by Rachel Woods published by Thistle Publishing, out now! 

Rachel Woods - A Model's Guide Many people assume that all models are supermodels who spend their days running between Vogue cover shoots and Dior runways, and who spend their nights partying at exclusive clubs with celebrities. While that might be true for supermodels like Cara Delevingne and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, most models lead a much different lifestyle. In her new book ‘The Model’s Guide‘, modelling veteran Rachel Woods sets the story straight where she answers all the questions a new or aspiring model might ask.

With so much information and pre-conceived notions floating around the media with regards to modelling, it is often very difficult,” says Rachel, “particularly for those new to the industry with no experience, to distinguish between advice that can be helpful to ones career or that which can hinder it.

Like most other models, Rachel quickly found herself thrown into the modelling world. The beauty had always been very tall for her age and often received comments that she should be a model. When she was only 18-years-old, a friend entered her into a competition to be “the face of angel” (a Philips product). When she won the competition, Rachel was soon represented by one of London’s top agencies, and she has been modelling ever since. New to the industry, Rachel had no idea what was expected of her as a model and she rapidly learned that there is more to being a model than just having the right look.

When I first started modelling, I had no guidance or assistance on what I should expect or how I should act and I just had to learn as I went along,” says Rachel. “The Model’s Guide was therefore written with one purpose in mind and that was to be a one-stop-shop on the modelling industry; an informative and useful source for anyone wishing to start a modelling career or simply wanting to know more about the life of an average model.

In The Model’s Guide, Rachel Woods offers insider tips, stories and anecdotes from the lives of working models, photographers and industry professionals. She gives comprehensive advice on how to find an agency, how to get work, how to avoid modelling scams and how to promote yourself as a freelance model. Luckily “the internet has made it so easy to get freelance work; a model should not feel despondent if they can’t immediately find an agent.” She also offers crucial advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means drinking plenty of water, getting a good amount of sleep, and avoiding substances harmful to the body and eating healthy. “Regardless of a modelling career I still feel it is essential to maintain a normal and healthy diet. I am vegetarian, so I eat a variety of fresh fruit, salad and vegetables on a daily basis. I just try and stay below 2000 calories per day,” explains the beautiful model. “I drink plenty of water, although do not drink any alcohol and I limit my caffeine intake, this helps to keep my skin nice! My regular exercise regime involves a work out in the gym up 4- 5 times a week for 40- 60 minutes each session. Feeling good on the inside will show on the outside!

The Model's Guide - Rachel Woods

Advice on maintaining a healthy look is an important part of The Model’s Guide, but Rachel also puts her English Literature, Linguistics and Language studies degree to good use as she retells some of her favourite memories from her ten years as a model.

If someone is lucky enough to make it to supermodel status, they need to realize that they become a role model for new models, and any controversy can have a negative impact on not just aspiring models but also to all models as a whole,” says Rachel. “I just hope the stereotypical image that people start to hold in their minds with regards to models begins to be a healthier, more natural image and that the focus will no longer be on size 0 models.

But perhaps her best advice for models and women everywhere, is to have confidence, believe in yourself and have fun.

Always enjoy what you do. I think this applies to everything, not just modelling, but being a model should be fun, not a chore and it is an experience to enjoy.

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