Yoga In London: De-Stress And Shape Up For Summer With Yoga Team

Yoga In London: De-Stress And Shape Up For Summer With Yoga Team

Yoga in London has never been better


Here at Your Coffee Break, we’d love to bring that relaxed Sunday feeling with us to work on a Monday morning. But by 9.30 am, a cup of coffee, one espresso shot and 200 unread emails later, the weekend bliss has definitely worn off and we can slowly feel the office stress taking over. By the time we’re ready to wrap up for the day, the last thing we want to do is to drag ourselves from our cubicle all the way to the gym.

Luckily for us, we have been introduced to an amazing new way to release stress and help gain inner strength while working on our poise and posture. Strengthening and toning the body as well as bringing some much-needed balance to our busy lives, Yoga is the way to go and the perfect practice for us career ladies. Of course, we’ve already heard about the trend taking over Hollywood by storm but it was first a few weeks ago that we came across Yoga Team.

Yoga Team London The beautiful thing about Yoga Team is that their expert teaching team deliver tailor made yoga classes straight to your home, office or hotel, making it so much easier for you to get in shape and get that glow! It’s the ultimate win/win situation for us working girls! What’s more? Katie Mutton, Founder of Yoga Team, explains that the classes are not only convenient but also personalised to fit each client’s needs. With a complimentary booking consultation and a live online booking system, Yoga Team offers the flexblity to fit Yoga and it’s multiple benefits into your day. Wheather it’s a energising pre-work class, or a targeted toning class, or a soothing restorative class Yoga Team will deliver the class to your door. Saving you travel time and hassle whilst optimising the time you spend on your mat with sequenced targeted for you and your body.

With an established reputation of excellence since 2006 Yoga Team has an extensive following of private clients. Delivering classes to busy professionals across the city, including well known figures from the music and media industry. Yoga Team’s creative approach to classes is now gaining recognition in the corporate sector for product launches, conferences and events. Yoga Team has recently work with Jamie Oliver’s Ltd, ITV2 and IKEA.

In order to deal with any high-stress work environment and keep the inspiration going, book a personalised at home class from Yoga Team. Work around your busy agenda and make some room in your to-do-list! Yoga Team’s mind-soothing and all-over-body workout sessions will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

As important it is to take care of our work and career, it’s just as important to take care of ourselves and remember that your health and wellbeing should always come first.

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