Love, Blair: America’s Own Cara Delevingne

From working in a clothing boutique steaming clothes, to being featured in the pages of Grazia Italy and Redbook Magazine, Blair of ‘Love, Blair’ has woven a very interesting path through the world of fashion blogging.

Preferring a minimalistic approach to fashion, the American blogger talks to Your Coffee Break about her blogging experiences and why she wears a fitted grey tee for every day of the week – “they’re simple, comfortable and always chic!”

Love, BlairI’d say my first “big girl” job was managing at an upscale salon and day spa. But first ‘ever’ job was steaming clothes at a clothing boutique back when I was 16. Times have certainly changed!” the American blogger tells me. They certainly have! Having done features with high profile magazines such as H&M Life and Grazia Italy, as well as being a contributing blogger for an array of successful blogs and named Steve Maddens Style Crush, Blair’s blogging career appears to be on an upward trajectory, aiming for the stars.

You’d be mistaken for thinking that being an uber successful fashion blogger is the only string to Blair’s bow. “I have a BA in Communication and MA in Counselling, both from Regent University” she tells me. “I’m definitely a bit of an overachiever – I’m already eyeing PhD programs for down the road!” We’re certainly impressed!

And with such amazing success, I’m curious as to how it all started out… “Honestly, I stumbled into it. There was an initial period of dabbling in it, but I officially began blogging Fall of 2011 – right after getting married!” she explains. “You see, I was a total tomboy as a teen, which as I got older morphed into a more eclectic style. Basically I wanted my own corner of the ‘interwebs’ to explore my fashion musings.” And explore she does!

Love, BlairElements of masculinity were seen in many of the FW13 collections recently debuted around the world in various Fashion Weeks, and Blair appears to be seasons ahead with her street style and eclectic approach to fashion. Having done her fair share of modelling too, she’s America’s very own Cara Delevingne, complete with beanie hat and leather jacket. But does she prefer modelling the latest fashions, or blogging about them? “That’s tough!” she declares. “Can I say both?! Modelling gives me the opportunity to wear pieces I might not have otherwise tried…but blogging allows for personal self-expression!”

With so much already under her belt, I’m intrigued as to what’s next for Love, Blair. “Funny you ask! ‘Love, Blair’ has recently opened doors for a new career endeavour that I’m ecstatic about! It’s still quite ‘hush hush’, but stay tuned on my blog to find out more!” We certainly will!


Love, Blair – bite size.

Describe your style: “Eclectic, urban, minimalist – less is always more in my book!”

Right now I am wearing: “Chambray top, acid wash leggings, Tretorn boots (it’s raining out) and a neon beanie.”

Style icon? “I love the Olsen twins, Poppy Delevigne and Kate Bosworth.”

Any specific trends you liked this NYFW? “Leather, structured neoprene sweatshirts and military-esque hues.”

Favourite designer? – Why?Marcus Wainwright and David Neville over at Rag & Bone. Their mixture of textures never feels overdone. Plus I adore their refined approach to color – Mostly neutrals with the occasional flash of brighter hues.”

What’s been the highlight of your blogging career so far?Meeting new people! Blogging creates a community of likeminded individuals – and for me, new friends both online and offline.” 


Gabrielle is a 22 year old Events and Public Relations student based in London. Finding her feet in the big city, she is a lover of coffee and culture!