Meet Our Corporate Crush: Hanushka, The Writer Behind ‘The Luxury Marionette.’

Blogger, traveller, fashionista – these are all words we would use to describe Hanushka, the beautiful lady behind UK lifestyle and fashion blog The Luxury MarionetteBut Corporate City Lawyer?! I was shocked when Hanushka dropped this remarkable fact on me over coffee in Covent Garden.

Yes, I’ve recently just started at a City Law firm, specialising in Corporate Law!” the blogger-slash-lawyer tells me. Now, this I did not expect. I’m suddenly filled with admiration for the 23-year-old sitting across from me. I was intrigued as to what makes this corporate go-getter tick, and even more so as to what made her decide to start a fashion and lifestyle blog in the midst of law books and legal documents.

Well, I used to read a lot of blogs,” she explains. “And after reading them I’d sometimes have my own opinion on the topic they’d written about, maybe a viewpoint that differed from theirs, perhaps on a particular product or fashion item. So I started my own blog so I could talk about things that I liked too, or give my view on things that perhaps people would be interested in also reading about.

I’m curious about the name though – where did the name ‘The Luxury Marionette’ come from I ask. “I just thought it would be quirky. Society today is so serious and driven by commercialism; I thought I would choose something ironic, something that could be taken with a pinch of salt.

But with days that can easily last 14 hours in the office, it would not be unusual to think that blogging would have to take a backseat to a profession that demands nothing but commitment. “Actually,” Hanushka clarifies for me, “blogging keeps me sane! There’s always something to write about and it’s kind of my creative outlet!

The Luxury Marionette, bite size:

Favourite place you’ve ever eaten:In the ‘Four Seasons’ restaurant in Malaysia. They do amazing sea-food and Asian cuisine. But the fusion food at ‘Hakassan’ in London is a close second!”

Celebrity with the best fashion style: “Dita Von Teese. She always looks so immaculate and classy. I’m not a ‘jeans and T-Shirt’ kind of girl either, I always wear a skirt or a dress and prefer the ‘made up’ look so her style really appeals to me.”

Biggest fashion faux-pas: “I think wearing ‘Juicy Couture’ tracksuit bottoms has been my biggest fashion mistake to date. They’re so tacky but they’re also so comfortable!

Her own style: “I’d say my own style is quite ‘try hard’ actually! I always like to make an effort, and try not to leave the house without my makeup and hair done properly! Heels are a must, and I quite like the feminine and classy look on myself.”


Gabrielle is a 22 year old Events and Public Relations student based in London. Finding her feet in the big city, she is a lover of coffee and culture!