Tea Palace London: The Secret To A Healthy Cleanse

Tea Palace: Award Season Detox And A Lesson In Tea-Science

The Award Season is here and while Hollywood starlets step out looking fabulous on the red carpet, we can’t help but feeling a little bit…hmm, how should I put this?…jealous? That’s why we decided to spend this Award Season detoxing from sugar, meat, alcohol and caffeine (yes, even coffee!). And what better way to do so than with a range of detoxifying teas from London’s Tea Palace.

I have found out that there is an easy and exquisitely tasty way of cleansing both body and mind: tea! Now, you might think that you have beenTea Palace Covent Garden
drinking tea for the best part of your life. But have you really? Agata Styczen from Tea Palace explains that there are worlds upon worlds of tea that many of you don’t know of.

Tea Palace has kindly brought a delectable selection of white, green and black teas as well as herbal infusions to the B.Hive in Covent Garden. I sat down with Agata to taste them for you.

I decided to focus on the astonishing properties of tea and was delighted to learn that it can help boost your immune system, aid your skin as well as being packed with antioxidants. Taking five minutes to make a good fresh cup of tea will also help you unwind and shut the hustle and bustle of your busy schedule out for a moment.

The first cup I sampled was befittingly called ‘Detox‘. Surprised to find that detoxing is much less uncomfortable than what I expected, I deeply inhaled the delicious scent of lemongrass and lemon peel. Immediately, I am transported into a realm of health, youth, beauty and relaxation. “Our Detox blend actually helps to boost your metabolism as well as improve circulation,” says Agata. “This way, you can balance out the unhealthy Christmas diet and support your entire body.” It sounds like the ideal reset button – a fragrant, tasty one at that.

My next cup of tea contains a beautiful concoction of ‘White Jasmine & Mint‘. I am thrilled that white tea is on the menu, having heard amazing facts about the health-benefiting properties of white tea. “White tea,” says Agata “is very similar to champagne, you can get bubbly everywhere, but the real treat comes from a strictly defined region in France. Similarly, authentic white tea only grows in the mountainous Fujian province in China.

Tea Palace Covent Garden My nose is greeted by the subtle of Jasmine flowers, but my taste buds are pleased with fresh mint, echoing the delicate fragrances of an English country garden. “White tea,” Agata explains “is packed with immune boosting properties – perfect for our cold and rainy winter! Increasingly major cosmetic and skin laboratories are proving that the antioxidant properties may also help to fight the ageing processes of the skin.” Amazing, does this mean I can drink tea to reduce my wrinkles? Agata smiles and pours me my third cup of tea: ‘Sencha Aloe Vera‘. Now, we have probably all heard of aloe vera being good for the skin and hair, but in combination with green tea? I am delighted to find that this green tea blend, containing pineapple pieces, is refreshingly fruity and pleasant. What is more, Tea Palace’s ‘Sencha Aloe Vera’ is designed to help refresh dull skin. On top, the active ingredients’ immune boosting properties and ability to fight infection can help you to keep the bugs at bay!

Having tried some of Tea Palace’s delicious and amazingly beneficial teas, I am hooked to the idea of drinking tea to keep me healthy, fit and beautiful. Are you?

Tea Palace offers a huge range of high-quality loose teas, all of which you can purchase in small caddies for sampling. Once you have drunk your way through the shelves, just pick your favourite and go for the big box! My personal favourite? It’s called ‘White Peony and Pink Rosebuds’ and comes in a pretty purple caddy. And in the unlikely event that you can’t find your perfect cup in their huge range they even have a bespoke blend service to create your own blend and have it personalised with your own name on it – So cute!

Sidenote: To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Tea Palace are giving tea lovers 10 % off speciality China Green and Black Tea. Use promo code CHINESENY at checkout!

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