Meet Our Latest Beauty Crush: Liana Beauty

They say the biggest journeys begin with the smallest of footsteps, and this rings true even for our latest beauty crush Amelia, blogger of Liana Beauty.

Liana beauty

London is filled with gorgeous bloggers but there’s just something special about Amelia and Liana Beauty. And when it comes to beauty, Amelia knows it all! I just had to find out how it all started and why she decided to start this successful blog.

It all started with dry lips” she told me over coffee in the beautiful B.hive club lounge in Covent Garden. “I was in Switzerland and I had terribly dry lips and nothing would help them! I went to the local pharmacy and was given something called ‘Dermafil’ to use, something I’d never heard of before. I had no other option but to give it a try, and in the morning when I woke up I couldn’t believe it – my lips were brand new! I’ve never had anything work so well on them before, and that sparked my interest in the product. I went online to try and find out more information about it and was so surprised that no one was talking about how amazing this stuff was! So I thought ‘I will!’” and lo and behold, Liana Beauty was born.

For something that started less than a year ago, Liana Beauty has come on in leaps and bounds – and despite being in her final year at university, 20 yearLiana Beauty Blog -old Amelia shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, if anything, having a blog is helping her speed up! “Having a blog means your time management skills dramatically improve. Mine have! After all, it’s your blog and your time – so it’s down to you to make sure you find the right balance to fit everything in” I’m told.

The best thing about having your own blog is just being able to write about whatever you want” Amelia explains. And write she does! With around 37 posts each month, Liana Beauty is sure to keep you updated with all the latest beauty news and product reviews. “My favourite beauty product I’ve reviewed has to be Clinique’s bottom lash mascara! It defined my bottom lashes so well and really opened up my eye…plus the applicator brush is tiny so I didn’t get any mascara under my eye which can sometimes happen with normal sized mascaras.” Amen to that!

Favouring a more bold approach to beauty, both when it comes to big and natural eyebrows (after extensive testing, she has deduced that the Anastasia Brow Wiz is the holy grail when it comes to eyebrow maintenance) and bold and bright nail varnish, you’d be forgiven for thinking it takes Amelia a considerable amount of time each morning to make herself look as good as she does. But actually, that’s not the case – “I can get ready in as little as 10 minutes if I need to!” she says, “although when getting ready for a particular event or a night out, having as much time as possible to get ready in my own time is the best!

Splitting her time between New York and London, as well as being the beauty editor for ‘Suitcase,’ a luxury travel magazine, and  spending a lot of time in New York with family, it’s safe to safe this beauty blogger has a very bright (and blemish free!) future ahead of her. Watch this space!

Liana Beauty tips!

Amelia Liana Beauty

For smoother softer skin – “Moisturise! Always moisturise! People underestimate how much of a difference it can make. Also, using oil on your skin at night will ensure your skin stays hydrated whilst you’re asleep – for this, you can’t go wrong with Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery.

Concealor – “I always blend mine in with my ring finger, by patting lightly. If you bow your head slightly inwards towards the mirror, you can really see where the bags under your eyes are! My favourite product to use for this is Touche Veloutee by Terry.”

Food/drink to help maintain our skin – “I eat lots of salmon, as its rich in omega oils which are really good when it comes to keeping your skin smooth and glowing! And water. Drink lots of water!


Gabrielle is a 22 year old Events and Public Relations student based in London. Finding her feet in the big city, she is a lover of coffee and culture!

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