Selfridges and Headspace Are Turning Down The Volume On Oxford Street

Whether you work in the magazine industry, public relations or fashion we all know that life can get a little bit crazy sometimes. That is why we decided to say no to our morning coffee yesterday, turn off our phones and head over to Selfridges for some peace and quiet before the city awoke.

Selfridges will be turning down the volume this year and give their customers a chance to calm the body and rest the mind in their latest campaignYour Coffee Break at Selfridges No Noise Campaign No Noise. The department store has teamed up with Headspace, a company whose aim is to demystify meditation.

Founded by Rich Pierson and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, Headspace is a service that offers everyday advice to users – tips and lessons on how to clear the mind, meditate and thus lead a less stressful life – delivered in an engaging, friendly and simple way.  The website features invaluable information on how meditation can help to combat common anxieties and stresses.

Headphone’s Andy Puddicombe led a pioneering press event in Selfridges on the morning of January 10th   in which not only were attendees treated to a meditation session, but were also present at the unveiling of the different elements of the No-Noise campaign, in store.

In the Meditation Pods located around the department store, it is Andy Puddicombe whose voice the listener will hear, inducing them into a state of calm. The Headspace section of the No-Noise website has four different audio downloads on offer, with meditation tips on Commuting, Love, Technology and Arrival in the Selfridges store.

Here at Your Coffee Break, we love this innovative and beneficial collaboration between Selfridges and Headspace. Headspace offers an incredible service and is well-worth a try – we recommend getting involved with the No-Noise campaign.

For more information on the No-Noise campaign, upcoming events and more, click here.

Selfridges No Noise - Your Coffee Break



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