Harrods Christmas Gift Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Impress Your Parents This Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, ‘tis indeed the season for giving.

Sometimes, however, finding the perfect gift for someone can be a daunting task- especially when that someone is your parent.

With that in mind, Your Coffee Break went over to Harrods to compiled a list of gifts which are sure to make Christmas magical for your mothers and fathers. Remember, few holiday gifts can raise a smile quite like presents from Harrods!

Christmas Shopping at Harrods

For your father:


1. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey + Engraving :  £210

Whiskey can be a wonderful gift on its own, but take it a step further by personalizing it and making it the ultimate bespoke for loved ones! The limited edition bottle designed by Porsche Design Studio is currently available from Harrods. Harrods are also offering a Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gift Pack with 2 Crystal Glasses for £250

2. Port and Stilton – £50

The pairing of Port and Stilton is a classic combination for a reason: the mixture of sweet and savoury is a true celebration of flavor on the palate. To top things off, the Harrods Late Bottled Vintage Port and world-renowned Stilton also come with delicious biscuits and a cheese scoop.

Port and Stilton available at Harrods

3. Daylesford Gentleman’s Hamper – £150

Presented in a wooden crate, The Daylesford Gentleman’s hamper includes true party essentials. In it, one can find dry cider, red and white wine, savoury biscuits, chutney, lambskin gloves, shortbread, caramelised nuts and chocolate-dipped orange slices. Designed for connoisseurs, this hamper is sure to be a seasonal favorite.

Daylesford Gentlemans Hamper

For your mother:


4. Bollinger Rosé Non Vintage –  £54.95

New to Bollinger, Bollinger Rosé is modelled on the Special Cuvée blend. Attractively packaged, this stylish rosé will truly ignite your senses. Fresh, fruity, and highly polished, this Bollinger can serve as a delightful aperitif or be a delicious accompaniment to a variety of dishes.

Bollinger Rosé

5. Champagne and Truffles – £35.00

In classic Harrods fashion, two of the finer things in life come together in one place! How can one resist indulging in bubbly Premier Cru Champagne and scrumptious Champagne truffles? This delightful combination will surely add sparkle to any holiday celebration.

 Champagne and Truffles

6. The Pamper Hamper – £150

For many people, this option is quite simply blissful. How else could you qualify a combination of decadent Pink Champagne Truffles, exquisite Marc de Champagne Chocolate Truffles – crafted from luxury ganache- and Harrods Rosé Champagne? In addition to all of these wonderful treats, the Pamper Hamper includes the uniquely fragranced Ladurée Wild Strawberry Candle and Ladurée Caprice Room Spray.

The Pamper Hamper Harrods

7. Daylesford Indulgence Hamper – £150

Spoil a parent with Daylesford Indulgence Hamper. Relaxation and luxury come wrapped in a white hat box filled with delights. Indeed, one can enjoy the organically grown Rosé Frizzante and the delicate Château Léoube Rosé before indulging in rich and buttery Shortbread Hearts, Chocolate Hearts, and a White Chocolate and Red Berries Bar. The accessories section of this hamper includes nourishing and soothing items such as Geranium & Neroli Hand Lotion, a Geranium Leaf Garden Candle, a Lambswool Hot Water Bottle Cover, and a heart decoration for your Christmas tree!

 Daylesford Indulgence Hamper Harrods
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