Wedding Favours: Share Something Special With Your Guests

When planning a wedding, a lot of thought goes into every tiny detail. Every bride wants the perfect day but when we demand the best, it often comes at a high price. If that beautiful church, your fairytale dress and the perfect bouquet have left your budget looking rather empty, there’s at least one thing you can do to help cut the cost. Wedding favours tend to be one of the last things a bride gets round to doing, so there is often little budget left.  A lot of people are now choosing to create their own wedding favours and why not? There’s nothing nicer than seeing the personal touch that went into a Christmas or birthday present, so why should wedding favours be any exception?   Here are just some of our favourite ideas:

wedding favours

These cute little bags are easy enough to make; they‘re simple yet elegant. Co-ordinate them with your wedding theme by adding coloured tissue paper and add your own touch on the front of the bags. You have plenty of options when it comes to fillings, but the most popular choices include mints, sweets and chocolate.

wedding gifts

Cookies are also really easy to make. To save time, you could make each one identical, or if you’re feeling a bit more ambitious and you could try to decorate each one differently.  Either way, they are sure to go down well with your guests – who doesn’t like cookies?

wedding favours

A box of these chocolate covered strawberries on each table would be a definite point of conversation. They may take a bit more time to make than the cookies, but the effect looks so professional that no one would ever guess you made them.

wedding favours

Even the simplest idea can look amazing. These fancies would be great as favours; decorated with something as simple with miniature sugar flowers, they add a wonderfully bright and colourful touch given to your special day. You don’t even have to make the flowers yourself; you can buy them in most supermarkets.

Another simple idea is putting a unique twist on the classic jam jar by filling them with lots of little chocolates. Tie ribbons around the lid to add that finishing touch. An even more cost effective idea would to be to buy the chocolate in bulk; this way you’ll be cutting the cost without having to compromise on the quality.

Finally, do not worry about how making your own wedding favours will be perceived. Most people will be delighted to receive something made by your own fair hands, and no-one has to know that you made your own wedding favours unless you want them to.  So many couples have already opted to create their own wedding favours and not just because their budget is looking a little thin. It is undoubtedly a good way to save money but it also adds that personal touch to your special day.


Written by: Lauren Luxenberg