Searches for ‘Emerald Rings’ Average 126k a Month- Here is How to Style the Trending Ring

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, we’re about to see the colour green everywhere. But will this transfer to our jewellery choices too? Searches for ‘Emerald rings’ are around 126,000 a month, suggesting people want to add a bit of colour and maybe some Irish-inspired charm to their jewellery collection. 

To celebrate, we teamed up with the jewellery experts at Diamonds Factory to take a look at some of the most memorable celebrity Emerald rings and had their production team give an estimated price if you were to buy a similar ring in-store: 

Aimee Howlett, spokesperson at Diamonds Factory, goes on to say: “Because we skip out the middleman, designing, crafting, and delivering your piece directly to you, you pay up to 78% less than high-street jewellers, so these estimates reflect this. As we know, celebrities spend a mindblowing amount on a lot of things, including jewellery, so for those who want the look for less, we offer a bespoke jewellery service to make your idea a reality.”

1. Megan Fox- Estimated original value: €366K  (Cost at DF: €24,029)

2. Halle Berry- Estimated original value: €183K (Cost at DF: €12,035)

“Halle’s unique ring features a large emerald centre stone that is beautifully set in 18-carat gold and is nothing short of a show-stopping piece. With an estimated value of just over €183,000, there was no surprise fans went crazy after her ring debut.”

3. Rita Ora- Estimated original value: €457K (Cost at DF: €14,698)

“Rita’s ring is Emerald in both colour and cut and is the perfect size for her finger shape. The cut of the ring allowed the emerald colour to shine, whilst being surrounded by diamonds to enhance the beauty of the colour.”

4. Jennifer Lopez- Estimated original value: €4.5M (Cost at DF: €21,695)

“The luck of the Irish is ringing true to J-Lo as one of the reasons for her Emerland ring was “I always say the colour green is my lucky colour,” The gorgeous stone is offset with side diamonds, making it extra special.”

5. Olivia Wilde- Estimated original value: €59K (Cost at DF: €55,536)

“Prefer something a bit more vintage? Olivia’s French art-deco ring is a stunning example of how Emeralds can steal the show without being the main centre stone. Valued at a huge 59,000 euro, we can definitely see why it’s so special.”

6. Victoria Beckham- Estimated original value: €3.5M (Cost at DF: €19,180)

“With 15 engagement rings to her name, Victoria Beckham is no stranger to beautiful jewellery; however, this stunning square-cut emerald surrounded by diamonds would set you back nearly  €3.5 million if you brought it off posh spice.”

7. Jackie Kennedy- Estimated original value: €234M (Cost at DF: €57,704)

“As a true style icon, there’s no doubt that Jackie Kennedy’s dazzling engagement ring has provided inspiration for countless brides over the years. The Toi et Moi design perfectly combines a diamond and an emerald, creating a unique piece of jewellery.”

8. Zoe Saldana-Estimated original value: €29K (Cost at DF: €15,397)

“Zoe’s stunning pear-shaped Emerald ring set on a diamond band took the limelight on the red carpet back in 2013 at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in LA, and it’s clear to see why. With an estimated value of over €29,000, Zoe’s ring was an absolute standout, and she was one of the earliest celebrities to put emerald rings on the popularity map.” 

Thinking about adding an Emerald ring to your wishlist but have no clue how to style it? Speaking exclusively to Diamond’s Factory, fashion expert Amy Smith at Vendula London, has shared her top tips on how to style an Emerald ring with ease: 

“When styling an emerald ring, it is best to try and wear solid coloured clothes so that the ring stands out. If you are wearing busy prints or patterns, this can potentially distract the eye from the ring if you are wanting to make this the main focal point of your outfit. Try to choose colours that compliment the colour of the gemstone set within the ring, or that provide a bold contrast. If you are wearing long sleeves, try to avoid a length that will cover most of your hands and fingers, as this will hide the ring and prevent it from sparkling in the light.”

“If you are choosing other accessories for your outfits, try to keep it simple so that you do not appear overly accessorised and take the focus away from your ring. A good pairing would be a matching pendant or stud earrings, if you have them. If you are wearing bracelets, try to only wear dainty bracelets on the hand with the ring and stay away from anything that is too chunky. Additionally, try to avoid pairing the gemstone in your emerald cut ring with a different kind of gemstone in other accessories, because this will deflect attention from the ring and could potentially make your outfit look too busy. If you are accessorising with additional rings, try to stick to simple, solid metal bands so that they complement the statement emerald ring.”

Charlotte Giver

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