Stylist reveals 5 things NOT to wear to a winter wedding

Winter weddings have seen an increase in popularity over the past couple of years, with many couples taking advantage of the romantic feel of the festive season and lower off-season prices. However, unlike summer weddings, where you can just throw on a cute strappy floral midi, winter weddings often require more thought when it comes to an outfit. 

Yes, we know its only January but it’s time to talk about weddings, and specifically winter weddings. With many couples keen to bag a good deal on venues, catering and decor, wanting to avoid ‘wedding fatigue’ and eager to make their unique nuptials stand out, there are more winter weddings than ever in our diaries this 2024. 

But what on earth are we going to wear?

Unlike summer weddings, where you can just throw on a cute strappy floral midi, winter weddings often require more thought when it comes to an outfit and styling. 

Luckily, we’ve spoken to fashion expert Megan Watkins – Head Stylist of online fashion destination SilkFred – who has shared 5 things to avoid wearing to a winter wedding, with handy alternatives. 

1. DON’T: Strapless

Barbie pink was the colour of choice at weddings last summer, however, as the days get darker and our surroundings get less bright, it’s time to get into our cosy girl era. 

Megan recommends: “Barely-there necklines were all the rage last year, with halter-necks, slim straps and off-the-shoulder styles seen in abundance. However, these are distinctly summer styles and may look out of place beside a roaring fire and festive table decor.”

DO: Long sleeves

“Whether your next wedding is in the UK or abroad, a wedding in winter is most likely going to be a bit chilly. Instead of hauling around a coat all evening, opt for a long-sleeve dress. My personal favourite is a long-sleeve wrap maxi that slims your waist, keeps you warm, and allows for freedom on the dance floor.”

2. DON’T: Pastels

Baby pink, cornflower blue, pale yellow – these are the shades you’ll have no trouble crossing off your ‘wedding fashion bingo’ card. However, during this period of short days, our tastes are tending towards darker and more sultry tones. 

Megan says: “Pastels are a huge no-no for winter weddings. Unlike summer weddings, nuptials hosted in the winter tend to opt for colour palettes that are a bit on the darker side and the last thing you want to do is clash with the theme or the other guests.”

DO: Jewel tones

Megan recommends: “Swap out those light colours and try a rich jewel-toned dress or jumpsuit. Pair your favourite patent leather pointy-toe heels with a deep burgundy or emerald silk dress.”

“The best thing about jewel tones is that they make everyone’s skin glow. If your skin tone is light, opt for a powerful deep blue; if it’s medium, try a sparkling emerald; and if it’s dark, try a ruby red.”

3. DONT: Silk and satin

Did you even attend a wedding in 2023 if you didn’t rock a silk or satin dress? Coming in a range of different styles, although these dresses kept us cool, comfy and chic in the summertime, styling these dresses in the winter is a hard task we’re not too sure we want to take on.  

Megan says: “Silk and satin dresses were everywhere during the 2023 summer wedding season – the epitome of elegance and breathability – this was the fabric to be seen in. However, in the winter, we’re often looking for something more structured and formal.”

DO: Velvet or wool

Megan recommends: “When attending a summer wedding, we try to avoid anything that isn’t lightweight and extremely breathable. For your next winter nuptials, try out a wool or velvet dress. Heavier fabrics can create beautiful silhouettes you don’t normally wear, and, most importantly, you’ll stay warm in the case that there is an outdoor ceremony.”

4. DON’T: Midi dresses

Midi dresses are a favourite style for a reason, they are flattering, come in so many different styles and are often slimming to your ankles and show off your shoes. 

“Midi dresses are nice, but they aren’t exactly interesting. If you’re not really a dress person, winter weddings are a great time to try something different. ”

DO: Jumpsuits

“Winter weddings allow for more creativity when it comes to your outfit, and if you’re looking to make a statement, a jumpsuit can be a really good choice. Not only do they offer good coverage, which will keep you warm, they’re also incredibly flattering and are super on-trend.”

“You can style your jumpsuit with a bold statement necklace or long, captivating earrings.”

4. DON’T: Strappy sandals

Let’s be honest, when it comes to wedding footwear, we don’t always make the right choice. More often than not, we end up having to survive an entire day hobbling around, waiting for the right moment to throw them off and get into flats. However, winter weddings allow for a shoe with more coverage, and most importantly, more comfortability.

Megan reveals: “The last thing you want at a winter wedding is freezing cold toes or an outfit that doesn’t match the cosy, festive vibe. Strappy sandals are a safe option for a summer wedding but for a winter wedding, they can look out of place.”

DO: Heeled boots

“Although they may feel less formal than a strappy heel or court shoe, boots are a great footwear alternative for a winter wedding. They’ll elongate your legs the same way dressy heels do—without the discomfort. Just be sure to choose a style dressy enough for the wedding.”

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.