Cosy Cardio: How to Build the Ultimate Workout Outfit

Entering your ‘cosy cardio’ era? Activewear expert Amy Orchard over at M&S shares 5-step guide for building your workout wardrobe

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With the recent rainy weather, our exercise regimes have had to adapt…. Enter ‘cosy cardio.’ 

All over TikTok, people are sharing their solution to slower-paced, light-impact workouts that you can do from the comfort of your very own home. And, as well simplifying our workout trends, we’re also seeing a pattern for creating a cohesive and versatile wardrobe from fewer but high-quality pieces spill over into our activewear. But how do you build a capsule wardrobe you love and that will work whatever the workout trend?

Source: M&S 

Below, Amy Orchard, Activewear Buyer, M&S has shared a step-by-step guide to building a capsule workout wardrobe, tailored to your workout routine:

1. Think about which sports you love 

If you’re workout routine consists of a ‘hot girl walk’ or ‘cosy cardio’ element, Amy Orchard, Activewear Buyer at M&S suggests: A good place to start when building out your work out wardrobe is to consider which sports you love the most. Consider the intensity level so that you can ensure the product you choose is going to provide you with the ultimate comfort and fit throughout your work out too. Think about how many workouts you complete each week too so that you can mix and match your pieces and always have fresh kit to pick from.” 

2. Get the foundation of your workout wardrobe right 

    “Build from your bra and really think about the fit. We always advise trying on a selection of different styles to see which feels the most supportive and comfortable. Jog on the spot, jump up and downand stretch your arms above your head to test out the comfort and support levels. Whether your workouts tend to be high intensity or low impact, a sports bra is the foundation to every workout outfit.” 

    3. Choose a base colour  

    “To add pieces that pair with your existing workout collection, we recommend choosing items in similar colours to those you already have or in complementary neutrals. This will enable your workout attire to be styled together in multiple ways to build various outfits and looks. If you’re looking to start from scratch, first choose a base colour and build from there. For example, choose a base colour of navy or black and pair with colour pops and statement prints. Mix and match these pieces to create a bright and energetic look.” 

    4. These four staples will take you through the seasons  

    “Whether yoga is your go-to or you prefer weight training, there are four staples that are key to forming your workout wardrobe.

    1. Sports bra – the hashtag #sportsbra has 452.9M views on TikTok 
    1. Gym leggings – over the last month, 40% of the bestselling activewear lines at M&S were gym leggings 
    1. Shorts – with 266.3M views on TikTok gym shorts also feature as 1 of the bestselling activewear items at M&S  
    1. Workout tops – over the last month, 20% of the bestselling items (within the activewear department) at M&S were workout tops  

    “If you’re unsure on styles and items to add to your workout collection, make sure to take your time building your wardrobe to find what works best for you.”

    5. Think about accessories  

    “Complete your workout wardrobe by thinking about the finer details and accessories to enhance your workout and improve performance. Ensure you’re not caught short on important accessories such as moisture wicking socks and hair ties – essential for maximum comfort and visibility during workouts.” 

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