Linen is a Summer ‘Workdrobe’ Saviour, According to Fashion Stylist

UK temperatures have already hit 30C and with even more hot summer weather on the horizon, choosing your sweltering office attire can be a tricky task.

With so many things to consider when picking your work ‘fits, such as style, practicality and even ensuring that you stay cool, calm and collected all day long, where do you even begin?

Internal data from PrettyLittleThing has revealed the solution! With site searches for ‘linen’ up 94% this month, this light and airy material is clearly a key summer workwear saviour that everybody not only needs, but also wants.

If you have no clue when it comes to choosing your work worthy ‘fits, Sophie O’Neil, Senior Stylist at PrettyLittleThing shares 3 key looks to help you embrace linen into your hot summer workdrobe:

1. YES you can wear a dress to work

“Ignore any old wives tales about wearing a dress to work. You should wear anything that you feel comfortable wearing and if that’s a dress? Then we say go for it! 

“Short sleeve dresses, with a flowy silhouette are a great way to go in warmer weather. They have a relaxed yet stylish vibe that is versatile for both an indoor air conditioned meeting or an outdoor scorching lunch with your work pals.”

2. A real cool combo

“Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a shirt and pant combo? If you are in the office frequently, co-ords are definitely for you.

“By being able to mix and match your set, you can create multiple outfits from very little clothes and nobody will ever know the difference.

“There are no rules when it comes to co-ords. You can begin with a single matched colour or switch it up for a different pairing, the choice is all yours.”

3. An adaptable bodysuit fit for everybody

“We believe that bodysuits should be a staple in every wardrobe all year long. They’re more than appropriate for the 9-5 office work and an effortless option for after 5 drinks with your colleagues.

“For a touch of glam, opt for a coloured textured material and couple with a pair of high-waisted jeans that’ll tackle any British breeze that may blow by.”

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Anabel Cooper

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