Trend Alert: Recreate Wednesday Addams’ Gothic Style  

It’s almost Wednesday… and the new Addams Family series continues trending on Netflix and all social platforms, as people around the world obsess over the quirky fashion, characters and dance moves!

With Y2K fashion dominating our screens and highstreets in recent years, data shows gothic fashion (including emo, punk and easy alt style) has reappeared, with a 53% increase in searches in the last 12 months. From catwalks to social media and TV, the style is everywhere. And while some may cringe seeing their teenage looks at every turn, the rest of us are feeling influenced to bring back the side fringe and purchase those new faux leather trousers. 

The most recent influence though comes from Netflix’s newest spooky series drop, Wednesday, which sees You actress Jenna Ortega, portraying Wednesday Addams. Having already reached the homes of 50 million since its release on 23rd November, there’s no surprise Google Trends shows a peak interest in searches like “emo style” since.

The fashion experts at Matalan share the key pieces you need in your wardrobe if you’re looking to ‘goth up’ your style in 2023.

1. Monochrome patterns

A big theme of the Addams family style is monochrome patterns, whether it’s Wednesday’s iconic black and white dress, Gomez Addams pinstripe suit, or Pugsley’s stripy jumper. If you’re looking to recreate the Addams family look, your first stop should be patterns. 

2. Silver accessories

The accessories are one of the most crucial elements of this trend, with silver necklaces, rings, chains and bracelets bringing the perfect contrast to the darkness of the clothes. Any accessories featuring skulls or crosses will instantly pull the look into the modern gothic trend, and the bigger the better here.

3. Blazers and suits 

Even if you’re not choosing to recreate Gomez Addams’ iconic pinstripe suit look, you should consider a blazer as part of your Goth-core attire. For women, an oversized black blazer over a white blouse is your best option, whilst men should consider emulating Travis Barker’s ‘polished punk’ look of a baggy black suit over a black shirt.

4. Faux leather 

Whether it’s a faux leather jacket, trousers or accessories, the black leather look fits right in with the gothcore style. Whilst you should avoid going into biker territory with a full leather outfit, including select faux leather items in your ensemble is a must for the Gothic style.

5. Chunky, platform boots 

No goth style outfit would be complete without a pair of boots or platform shoes. Whether you go for a pair of black ankle boots, or some chunky platforms, when choosing your footwear, bigger is better. 

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