How to Nail the #Whimsigoth Trend Like Wednesday Addams

The Addams Family spin-off Wednesday has already broken Netflix records with the most hours viewed in a single week of any Netflix TV show ever and the title character is giving us some #whimsigoth fashion envy.

Earlier this year, #whimsigoth took over our Instagram and TikTok feeds, and having binged Wednesday we suddenly want to whip out our black eyeliner, fishnet tights and scarlet lippe. But how can we nail this trend?

We spoke to Head Stylist of online fashion brand SilkFred, Megan Watkins, who has shared 4 tips on how we can nail this gothic trend.

1. Choose textured, flowy dresses for day and night

When it comes to dresses, whimsigoth is all about dramatic textures and flowing silhouettes. Think velvet, satin, ruffles and lace to add some celestial chic to your wardrobe.

Take inspo from Wednesday’s chic mum, Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and choose a sleek maxi dress. Or, if you’re looking for something more casual, go for a velvet slip dress layered over a simple white tee and paired with big chunky boots.

2. Invest in a staple longline coat

Wednesday gave us serious coat envy and if you want to nail her look you need to go long, dark and moody.

One of the most on-trend coat styles for AW 2022 is the trench coat with faux fur trim and faux fur cuffs, which is coincidentally also the perfect outerwear for the whimsigoth trend. Go for darker colours such as brown and black to capture the witchy look.

If you’re feeling bold, go for a long velvet duster coat which will instantly give your outfit that whimsigoth aesthetic.

3. Use a waistcoat for layering

The ultimate whimsigoth piece right now is undoubtedly the waistcoat. To make this bang on trend, go for a baggier, light waistcoat with embellishments for a celestial vibe, and be sure to layer it over a long-sleeved, flowy dress to complete your whimsigoth look.

Or, if you’re looking for an everyday look, pair your waistcoat with a blouse underneath in a contrasting colour with ruffled long sleeves for added drama.

4. Don’t forget a chunky knit

Statement knits have been everywhere this season, but Wednesday and the whimsigoth trend dictates that your knit must be black and it must be chunky. 

Wednesday often pairs her knits with a statement collar, black polo neck and her iconic leather boots

Anabel Cooper

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