Why Magpie Moments are the Feel-Good Fashion Trend this Winter

If you can’t wait to dig out your sequins and wear a little glitter this winter- there is good reason for it. The fashion experts at Oliver Bonas have teamed up with clinical Psychotherapist, Dr Jo Gee to explain the dopamine dressing trend this season they have called ‘magpie moments’.

The fashion team at Oliver Bonas have also shared 5 tips for incorporating your partywear into your everyday wear.

Dopamine dressing was dubbed the feel-good fashion trend for 2022 and it’s back for the party season with a dazzling update. If you too love wearing your glitter, sequins and sparkles – there’s a good reason for it. The fashion experts at Oliver Bonas want everyone to have more magpie moments this festive season and here’s why…

Clinical Psychotherapist, Dr Jo Gee, explains why adding a bit of bling can do a lot for your mood:

“Partywear and sparkle can activate the release of dopamine, our feel-good transmitter. Our perception of feeling glamorous, can not only bring feelings of joy and excitement from the dopamine hit but also leads to more confident, adventurous behaviours, which through our body’s biofeedback mechanism, releases more feel-good chemicals!”

“Huge benefits can be seen through ‘conscious dressing’, where we plan what to wear based on the outcome we want from our outfit. If the intention of dressing is to boost our mood, then we can add partywear, sparkle and sequins to our everyday wardrobe, to increase confidence, joy and pleasure through the activation in our brain!”

Rhi Roberts, fashion buyer and styling expert at Oliver Bonas, says: “Very often we save our partywear for those one-off events and whilst it’s great to have those special moments, why not make every day more joyful by incorporating more partywear into your everyday outfits. We want to encourage everyone to have more magpie moments.”

“Make the most of your sparkling party dresses and skirts, shimmering jewellery and eye-catching accessories to adorn your outfits with as much feel-good factor as possible.”

Rhi shares 5 easy ways to incorporate your partywear into your everyday outfits:

1. Sequins and knitwear

“Wearing sparkling sequins with a snuggly knit is one of the easiest ways to make your party dresses and skirts work for everyday wear. Pair a sequin dress or skirt with a casual jumper or cardigan thrown over the top. 

Sequins make for the ultimate magpie moment, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Style silver or gold sequins with a monochrome knit for a pared-back look, or if you are feeling particularly joyful, a bright pink looks incredible too.”

2. Jeans and jewels

“Jeans are a staple in most of our wardrobes, however, pair them with a plain t-shirt and a pair of bejewelled earrings or a statement necklace and you’ll create an outfit that demands attention. 

“Whether you go for a chunky gold or silver design, or opt for some statement gemstones or pearls – go big or go home and don’t leave your jewellery in the box waiting for a special occasion. Pop on a glam, party-ready piece to elevate a simple outfit in a dramatic fashion.” 

3. Socks and party shoes

“Whilst wearing heels isn’t for everyone, make a fabulous pair of shoes more wearable by pairing them with a pair of glittery socks. Not only will the socks keep your feet warm but the preppy layered look works perfectly when worn with a skirt to really show them off, or a jumpsuit to add a little height.

“Choose a complementary colour for a bold look or go for a textured sock in a similar tone to your shoes for a more subtle take on the trend.”

4. Bold beautiful bags

“We all have those bags that we save for special occasions, whether it might be a beaded clutch or a sequinned crossbody bag. It seems a shame for them to sit at the back of the wardrobe when the pieces of art could be sprucing up your everyday outfit.

“Elevate a simple monochrome look with a bag encrusted with sequins, beads and glitter. Who wouldn’t want their bag to make them smile every time they reach for their purse or phone?”

5. Slip dresses and t-shirts

“If sparkle isn’t so much your thing, then a silky slip dress might be. Layer up your strappy dresses in luxurious fabrics with a simple t-shirt or long-sleeve mesh top to make your dresses more wearable for the office or a coffee date with friends. Understanding how to layer your dresses will not only help you get more wear out of your clothes, but it will help you enjoy your gorgeous garments more frequently. 

“Pair your dresses with trainers for a comfy casual look or wear them with a pair of chunky boots for a wearable and practical look, perfect for dancing the night away.”

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Anabel Cooper

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