5 Stylist-Approved Tips That’ll Help You Shop for Shapewear with Confidence

Party season is fast approaching and shapewear solutions are a great way to sculpt and highlight curves under your favourite outfit. 

Shapewear is a phenomenon taking the world by storm, with celebrities and influencers expressing their love for figure-hugging undergarments online. 

In 2022 alone, sales of shapewear at House of Fraser increased by over 40%, as women flock to purchase everything from tummy control underwear to shapewear bodysuits

But, wearing shapewear can come with its conundrums, with women questioning sizing, dress size, how comfortable they feel and whether it’s right for the occasion.

That’s why leading fashion retailer House of Fraser has partnered with Maria Pastor, Personal Shopper and Stylist to answer the nation’s burning questions on shapewear, giving women peace of mind as we approach party season… 

6 steps to shopping for shapewear

1. Avoid this common sizing mistake

Maria says: “The first rule is to stick to your true size and try on the garments where possible. The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is trying to go down a dress size when buying a body shaper. If your shapewear is too tight, it won’t make you look any slimmer or give you more control, it will just make you feel uncomfortable and give you an unnatural lining under your clothes. 

“Plus, don’t let the size number that appears on the label worry you; nowadays, sizes can vary depending on the garment’s cut or the fabric in which it is made.”

2. Check for the signs of a poor fit 

“If your shapewear pulls or puckers in any place, you’ll know that it doesn’t quite fit. To check whether this is happening, I’d suggest looking at key areas around the seams. The shapewear should lie flat against your body, creating the illusion of a smooth silhouette. I recommend sitting down and moving around so that you can see the effect it will have when you are wearing it.

“The waistband on any shapewear, whether it be leggings or shorts, shouldn’t dig into your body or make it difficult to breathe or sit down either – if this is the case, you’re wearing shapewear that is too small. 

“On the other hand, if your shapewear feels too baggy or is creating folds, you’re probably wearing a size too big.” 

3. NEVER expect your shapewear to change your dress size 

“We’ve all been there – that feeling of wanting to squeeze into a party dress we absolutely love but it’s just that tiny bit too small. Unfortunately, shapewear isn’t the answer we hope for here.  

“Shapewear might be magic when it comes to giving control and smoothing over areas of concern, but it won’t help you to drop a dress size. There’s still a misconception that shapewear can help you to lose weight and slip straight into tighter clothes, but it’s important to remember to shop for your size no matter what you’re wearing underneath.”

4. Consider what you’ll be wearing it with

“There are different shapewear solutions for most items in your wardrobe, so consider where you want a little help. Is it with a pair of jeans for dinner with friends, or under your glamorous LBD for the work Christmas party? 

Spanx Everyday Briefs work amazingly well under jeans, as they give just enough control, whereas shapewear bodysuits, such as Maidenform Full Body Slip, are a must for under bodycon dresses, giving control in areas where the dress hugs the body.”

5. Try on your shapewear at home before a special occasion

“As long as your shapewear is the right size and you feel comfortable, you can wear shapewear as often as you want. It doesn’t have to be saved for special occasions. But, if you do have a special occasion coming up, such as your wedding day, then it’s vital that you wear your shapewearsolution beforehand around the home, so you feel as comfortable as possible. 

“As with any purchase, it’s so important to take it with you when trying on your dress too, as this helps to give the full picture and also means you are considering the colour. My best piece of advice on wedding shapewear would be not to think of it as a way of fitting into a smaller dress, you do not want your dress to feel uncomfortably tight on what will be a very busy day.”

House of Fraser has pulled together a full guide that answers the UK’s most searched for questions on shapewear, helping to solve every conundrum. 

Please view this here: https://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/women/shapewear-and-solutions/shapewear-conundrums 

Anabel Cooper

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