Designer Sneakers That Will Give You the Fashion Edge

Read on to learn which designer sneakers will give you the fashion edge you need

Designer Sneakers Giving You the Fashion Edge

The market for designer sneakers is booming and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. As street fashion continues to dominate the fashion world, more and more well-known labels have jumped on the bandwagon to get a taste of the action. 

While traditional athletic brands like Nike and Adidas continue to reign supreme, fashion labels like Lacoste NZ, Gucci, and Chanel have all thrown their hats into the ring to give you the most extensive range to choose from for styling your wardrobe.

Tennis Sneakers

Named after the sport, tennis sneakers have a rubber sole and a low-top canvas or leather upper. Both sports brands and designer labels have used this classic silhouette to build onto, changing the shoe to fit fashion far more than functionality. 

If you are after something with minimal detailing and clean lines, Common Projects low-top sneakers and Balenciaga’s Phantom sneakers will be popular choices for you. If you want a pair that can are both designer and practical for playing tennis in, Barneys New York x FILA tennis sneakers tick all the necessary boxes.  

The Classics

The classic sneaker is one style of shoe that should appear in every wardrobe for men and women alike, regardless of whether you consider yourself a casual dresser or not. They are a piece of fashion history and will provide you with many opportunities to incorporate them into your outfits. 

Nothing is more traditional than Nike’s Air Force 1. These timeless sneakers have been given a slight makeover in the form of Air Force 1 sage low, which are slimmer than the originals, with a slightly elevated platform sole. These additions give the shoe a more feminine look. Other classics include Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Stars and Superga’s Emily Low sneakers. 


Low-top sneakers with ankle-skimming cuts are ideal for cuffed jeans, calf-length dresses, and skirts. Like most sneakers, sports brands have primarily dominated the market with their designs. Still, more and more fashion labels are breaking into the low-top market, offering a wider variety of more stylish and chic choices. 

Both Louis Vitton and Gucci have gone the retro route, incorporating their recognisable designs along the upper portions of the shoes. But if you prefer something fresher, Pangaia’s white leather sneakers feature the brand’s trademark on the side.

‘Dad’ Style

Making a resurgence on the runways, ‘dad’ sneakers, or chunky sneakers, are enjoying the limelight. Despite being short, oversized, chunky and extra-cushioned, they have been able to remain relatively lightweight and offer your feet complete protection. 

The most recognisable ‘dad’ sneakers belong to Balenciaga, with their Track and Triple S sneakers. In essence, they are better suited for performance activities. But paired with loungewear sets and long coats, you will be living your athleisure dreams. Designers like Goldern Goose and New Balance have also jumped aboard this trend. 


With the influence of the 90s still predominantly affecting our style choices today, platform sneakers continue to be a massive trend in 2022 and beyond. Gucci’s GG Chunky sneakers with a black leather upper and eye-catching jewel embellishments will push your outfit over the edge and elevate it to new levels. 

If you are looking for something with more year-round versatility, look no further than Balmain’s Bold Platform sneakers. These have a 30mm platform sole and uppers containing various hues of black, making them perfect for those looking for investment pieces. 


High-top sneakers scream effortlessly relaxed and laid-back style. They work particularly well with tailored clothing pieces, as the contradiction between the two items creates a put-together, sleek outfit. For an everyday option, look no further than Loewe’s Anagram sneaker.

Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laurent have all stamped their approvals on all-white canvas shoes for a silhouette that more closely mirrors the traditional basketball sneaker. As sustainability becomes a more significant focus, particularly in the fashion world, more brands are opting for environmentally friendly practices moving forward, allowing you to shop with a clearer conscience. 


Although sneakers have long been associated with casual and sportswear, with the right design, they are still a valid option for more dressier occasions. Metallic accents, sequins and glitter are the easiest ways to elevate your footwear to a level that is appropriate for formalwear. 

Thankfully designers are no strangers to this concept and have incorporated options into their lines to suit all our needs. For instance, Jimmy Choo’s athletic-inspired shoes feature in all-black with glitter side strips and a white sole. However, if this is too subtle for your taste, Roger Vivier’s Viv Skate Strass Sneakers include a beautiful embellished buckle that makes you feel dressed up and elegant. 

Sustainable Options

Sustainability is quickly becoming the hottest trend in the world of fashion. Thanks to developments in technology and sourcing, these footwear options are becoming much easier to get your hands on. 

Fans of chunky sneakers can turn to Chloe’s Nama Sneakers, which have been designed in partnership with sustainability consulting group Quantis. As a result, the Nama lets off 35% fewer greenhouse gases and consumes 80% less water than its predecessors during production. But, of course, for minimalists, you will never go wrong with Veja’s cult-loved V-10 sneakers. 

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