Top Shelf: Comfy Sweater Trends to Try

Read on to learn about the comfortable jersey trends you need to try this winter

Jersey Trends You Need To Try

As the temperatures begin to drop, we move closer and closer to digging out our favourite winter jerseys for another year. If you enjoy this season, this is an exciting time for you, as a winter wardrobe presents an entirely new set of opportunities for stylish and comfortable outfits. 

Like all pieces of fashion, from unlined bras to mini skirts, jerseys have style trends that go in and out of fashion. And with the new year, a new range of styling ideas has surfaced for us all to try. 

One or Two Buttons Closed

This might be considered more of a cardigan trend than a proper jersey trend, but doing one or two buttons up on a cropped or more fitted cardigan creates a very flattering silhouette for your body shape. The buttons in question will fall over your chest area or just below, cinching the fabric in slightly. 

Put this over a summer maxi dress or a pair of jeans with a tank top for an effortless casual look with a twist. 

Oversized Fits

Oversized clothing is a viral trend in multiple fashion groups. But to perfect this trend doesn’t mean purchasing an item of clothing that is overly large for you. Instead, it is more about the specific details that go into clothing pieces purposefully made to be worn oversized, like dropped should seams and voluminous sleeves. 

Fashion is typically about a balance between items to create a look that flows from piece to piece. With this in mind, it is best to pair an oversized jersey with a fitted bottom option, like leggings or fitted jeans. It is exceptionally comfortable and stylishly casual. Alternatively, you can half-tuck it into a mini or midi skirt for a flirty alternative. 

Draped Over Shoulders

A popular autumn and winter trend for 2022, and heading into 2023, is draping or tying your jersey across your shoulders, giving off a slight country-club aura. In reality, it looks incredibly chic and adds an extra flair to your overall look with little to no effort. 

Besides this, you will have a jersey on hand for when the weather gets cooler, and while you aren’t using it, you won’t be forced to carry it either. 

Around the Waist

This trend has been around for a while and is probably something you do often when you get hot but have no desire to carry your jersey around in your hands. The difference comes in when you intentionally make this a fashion choice instead of the convenience it becomes when the situation arises. 

This trend will work best with thinner jerseys that can be tied more easily. Thicker material will have a harder time staying tight around your waist, and you will quickly become fed up with the constant adjustment. 

Asymmetrical Colours & Bold Prints

Jerseys are one of the best clothing items to get a little creative with. While there is nothing wrong with a sophisticated neutral tone, introducing elements like colour blocking, asymmetrical colour patterns, and big, bold prints won’t look out of place or over the top. 

As this will be your stand-out piece, making the rest of your outfit fairly neutral is essential to avoid too many parts clashing and giving it the spotlight to shine. Pairing it with a pair of dark wash fitted jeans, tailored pants or a black pencil skirt will create the perfect base. 


You can never go wrong with incorporating jerseys into layered looks. Thrown over a thin basic shirt, they are ideal for keeping you warm without causing you to overheat. They also pair nicely with winter coats, blazers and trenchcoats. 

Because jerseys are very versatile, you can mix and match them with the majority of your wardrobe to create the perfect layered look for your social occasion. Remember that becoming too hot can be as dangerous as being too cold, so dress accordingly. 

Fun Buttons

Buttons are a very underappreciated way to add a fun and edgy element to an outfit. They are sometimes referred to as the ‘finishes’ of an outfit, and changing them up can elevate our look in a subtle but effective way. 

Simply switching from circular buttons to square or triangle shapes can make your jersey or cardigan stand out in a very fashionable way. You can buy clothing items with these alternative buttons already sewn on, or you can purchase them separately and do it yourself at home

Something New

This is not necessarily a trend but could become one in your own wardrobe. Chunky knit jerseys, both thick and thin, are very versatile. They are comfortable to wear, easy to find and come in various cuts, sizes and colours. For this reason, exploring outside of your comfort zone is highly recommended. If you typically wear something form-fitting, try oversized. If you usually stick to neutral tones, incorporate colour. 

Trends are constantly changing; some might be precisely what you are looking for, while others you want to avoid as much as possible. But you won’t know exactly what you like and don’t like unless you try it first. 

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.